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New Healthcare Architecture Canada design by CANNONDESIGN + NEUF architect(e)s

18 Sep 2017 + 5 Aug 2016

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building Design

Design: CANNONDESIGN + NEUF architect(e)s

Location: Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), 1000 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, Canada

The New CHUM, Largest Healthcare Construction Project in North America, Opens its Doors

CHUM Hospital

CHUM Hospital

After nearly a decade of work, CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).  Begun in 2009, the CHUM teaching institution is the largest healthcare construction project in North America and the largest public—private partnership project in Canadian history. Already, the building has ignited the revitalization of a neglected sector of Montreal’s urban core.  

CHUM Hospital

CHUM Hospital CHUM Hospital

“It’s remarkably rewarding to see so many years of preparation, planning, design and intense effort come to life,” said Jose Silva, Principal for CannonDesign. “The CHUM has always been an extraordinary project—from the bold vision that set it in motion nearly a decade ago to the beautiful building it has now become. This is an exciting moment for both those who worked on the project and those who will benefit from this state-of-the-art facility.”

CHUM Hospital CHUM Hospital

CHUM Hospital

Accelerating public access
Initially structured as a two-phased project, the team reconfigured the indicative design of the campus arrangement and architecture in order to accelerate development significantly. As a result, Phase I, now complete, delivers the hospital’s core healthcare capabilities, including all patient rooms, all operating theatres, diagnostic and therapeutics, as well as the Oncology program, leaving only offices, a conference center, a few ambulatory spaces, and additional parking for Phase 2.  This allows the Quebec population to benefit from the much-needed state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure years sooner than originally anticipated.

CHUM Hospital

CHUM Hospital

Human inspiration
With social infrastructure and urban renewal as integral components to its design, the 22-storey complex, spanning over 3 million square feet and encompassing two full city blocks, will play an important role in regenerating the neglected East-end of Montreal’s downtown core, reconnecting the city’s urban fabric and anchoring the Quartier de la Santé, Montreal’s new healthcare district. In addressing the totality of that task, the design team approached the project from all scales, including the large-scale urban element, the local neighbourhood context, and the fine grain of a human component, central to its vocation as a place of healing.

CHUM Hospital CHUM Hospital

“Walking through the completed spaces today, we feel a spatial quality that is in line with the ambitions of this great institution,” explains Azad Chichmanian, partner and architect with NEUF architect(e)s. “As the public finally begins to discover the architectural moments that have been created, from the inviting, light-filled public spaces to the state-of-the-art clinical facilities, we believe the building will succeed in completely redefining Montrealers’ image of what a hospital feels like.”

CHUM Hospital

Throughout the design process, the team continually pushed the envelope for quality of design, whether in its use of parametric design on the building envelope, the use of 3D-printed models in coordination, an innovative approach to the integration of heritage components, and an intense use of technology to facilitate communication between team members from across the globe.

 CHUM Hospital

From a healthcare delivery perspective, each of the 772 rooms includes ample space for family involvement, and expansive windows offering some of the best views of the city. Importantly, the entire building is designed following universal design principles, and impressively, the vast majority of the 12,000+ rooms in the building were designed following a small number of standardized room templates. “The creation of such an incredible healthcare facility required our design team to look at the project from numerous perspectives, but we leveraged our health expertise to always keep patient experience at the forefront.” added Silva.

 CHUM Hospital

CHUM Hospital

Art at the heart of the architecture 
Going well beyond the Quebec government’s requirement of dedicating a minimum of 1% of a public development’s budget to the integration of art, the new CHUM campus will have 13 large-scale works of art incorporated into the design and ultimately house the highest concentration of public art in Montreal since Expo 67.

 CHUM Hospital

“We have integrated the art directly into the architecture of the complex in ways that blur the lines between the two and provides a more human experience to the visitor and staff”, explains Chichmanian. “In fact, many components of the buildings themselves can be considered as works of art, including the amphitheater, the reconstructed steeple, Maison Garth and the Space of Contemplation—forming a series of architectural objects animating Saint-Denis Street.  Perhaps the best example is the passerelle, an aerial bridge now spanning across Sanguinet Street with its translucent arch emerging from the perforations of the copper shroud enveloping it.”

CHUM Hospital CHUM Hospital

Global recognition
Ahead of the opening, the complexities and design of the CHUM project have already garnered significant international accolades. In 2016, the design team was honoured with an Architizer A+Award, as well as an A’ Design Award presented during the European Healthcare Design Forum in London. In June 2017, the team won top prize in the Lighting Installations and People’s Choice categories for the CHUM Passerelle, presented at the AzureAZ Awards before a distinguished gathering of members of international architecture and design communities from around the globe.

CHUM Hospital

In July, both the World Architecture Festival (WAF) and the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, sister festival of WAF, added the CHUM project to its shortlist in four separate categories. CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s will present the project during the three-day festival this November in Berlin. Also in July, CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s received a Future Healthy Built Environment award from the Stockholm-based International Academy for Design & Health, and were shortlisted in the category of ‘Facade Design & Engineering’ by the ABB LEAF Awards in London.

CHUM Hospital

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building – Building Information

Location: Montreal, Canada
Client: Construction Santé Montréal
Architects/designers: CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s
Principals in charge: Jose Silva, AIA and Azad Chichmanian, OAQ
Engineers: Pasquin St-Jean, HH Angus, Groupe SM
Landscape architects: NIP Paysage
Contractors: Construction Santé Montréal
Area of project: Approximately 3 million square feet
Budget: 2 billion CAD$
Image credits: Adrien Williams, CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s, and Karine Savard

Number of storeys:
Main Building: 22 above grade and 5 subgrade levels
Ambulatory Center: 19 above grade and 4 subgrade
Medical Office Building/Library: 16 above grade and 3 subgrade,
Logistics/lab and pharmacy: 10 above grade and 3 subgrade
Auditorium: 3 above grade (Phase 2)
Parking: 4 levels of subgrade parking which sits under the main plaza and is interconnected with the hospital, the ambulatory center; the medical office/library; and the auditorium/learning center. (Phase 2)

Completion of Phase 1: 2017
Completion of Phase 2: 2021

CHUM Hospital

Photography: Adrien Williams

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building



CHUM Hospital Montréal Building

Through its design and creation, the new CHUM (Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite de Montreal) was envisioned by the architectural team to act not only as a place of healing, but as a generous public space that also plays the cultural role of gallery and educational center. The ambition for the new CHUM, elevated by the scale of the mission, is to become an architectural pillar within its community; a symbol of excellence and commitment to quality care.

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building

Occupying two city blocks, CHUM integrates three hospitals and links Montreal’s downtown and Old Montreal. The complex is connected to the public Metro, a research complex, and is surrounded by four distinct urban faces. The organizing element of the project is the plaza, a pleasant public space for leisure and contemplation that gives neighboring buildings exposure to natural light, provides orientation throughout the complex, and folds into the buildings linking public spaces and entrances. Heritage architectural artifacts are also incorporated into this urban experience.

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building

With the urban plaza created on Saint-Denis Street, our proposed massing gave new life to the pedestrian street by providing natural light and exposure to the neighboring historic buildings, as well as animating the streetscape with a series of architectural objects: the Saint-Sauveur Steeple, the Maison Garth and Space of Contemplation box within the Saint-Denis glass vitrine, the Auditorium building, and the main entrance canopy. The Public plaza is also the location of the entry court.

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building

The project started in 2010 in Montreal, Canada. The completion of the hospital is due in 2020.

The project has 268,000 square meters of floor area; 20 stories high; 443 examination rooms; 36 operating rooms and 772 bedrooms.

As the most important public-private partnership hospital venture in Canada’s history, the scale of the program was seemingly too dense to possibly fit on the chosen urban site and footprint in downtown Montreal. The complexity of the program and size of the effort expanded the scope of the project beyond the realm of a single building; instigating a broader reflection on the challenges and cultural impacts associated with this type of urban density.

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building

CANNONDESIGN + NEUF architect(e)s

Construction Santé Montréal

Winner – Chum Hospital by Cannondesign + Neuf Architect(e)s is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal Building images / information from A’ Design Awards

CHUM Hospital Montréal Building – A’ Design Awards & Competition Winner

Address: The Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, 1000 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3J4, Canada
Phone: +1 514-890-8000

Location: 1000 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2X 3J4, Canada

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