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Erdos Museum Mongolia : Ordos Architecture

Contemporary Mongolian Architecture – design by MAD Architects, Asia

16 Mar 200i9

Erdos Museum Building


Architects: MAD

On site – new images 16 Mar 2009:

Erdos Museum Erdos Museum Mongolia Contemporary Mongolian Architecture design by MAD Architects
Erdos Museum photos 1+2 by MAD; 3 by Shu He

Project Summary:

Erdos Museum is located in a city that is currently being built, almost overnight.

Driven by a booming economy, the Municipal Government of Erdos has determined to build a new city centre, dozens of kilometers away from the current city. There was nothing but the Gobi Desert on this site in 2005. An urban masterplan was created, entitled ‘Ever Rising Sun On The Grass Land’. This plan drew a beautiful but empty image, one which fulfills the wishes of the government, but doesn’t hold much for the people who will have to live there.

The Erdos Museum will be created at the centre of this new city. Our concept is a reflection and a reaction to the masterplan. The design is a natural, irregular nucleus, to contrast with the planned city; to provide interior scenery completely separate to that which is outside. The museum is wrapped in reflective metal louvers. The surface of the museum thus reflects and fragments the surroundings.

Erdos Museum Inner Mongolia Erdos Museum Inner Mongolia by MAD Architects Contemporary Inner Mongolian Building

Erdos Museum – Building Information

Client: Erdos Municipal Government
Status: Under construction
Location: Erdos, Inner Mongolia
Type: Museum
Site Area: 27,760 sqm
Building Area: 41, 227 sqm
Building Height: 40 m
Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Yosuke Hayano, Dang Qun
Design Team: Shang Li, Andrew C. Bryant, Howard Jiho Kim, Matthias Helmreich, Zheng Tao, Qin Lichao, Yang Lin, Sun Jieming Yin Zhao, Du Zhijian
Collaborator: China Institute of Building Standard Design and Research
The Institute of Shanxi Architectural Design and Research

Contemporary Inner Mongolian Building by MAD Contemporary Inner Mongolian Museum Building Ordos Museum Mongolia by MAD Erdos Museum Mongolia

The interior will become a new public space, divided into several exhibition halls, connected by continuous white curvilinear walls. The glazed roof will let light into this space, whilst the louvers will allow natural ventilation.

Erdos Museum Mongolia images / information from MAD 130808 / 160309

MAD Architects, China

Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

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