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Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan

Mexican Culture Building: Concert Hall Venue – design by Broissin Architectes

1 Jan 2016

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral in Coyoacan

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Design: Broissin Architectes

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral in Mexico City

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Concert Hall by Broissin Architects is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2014 – 2015.

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral

Concert Hall

Inspired in the movement of a conductor’s baton, the building design is composed of five concrete roofs moving up and down in harmony to give shape, space and light to the project. Each roof represents a staff’s line, always straight, constant and parallel.

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan

The lines composing the façade move up and down as branches moving in the wind, letting the sunlight pass through, creating a fantasy parade in the middle of the shadow’s mystery. The building wraps you inside, its shape turns into the shape of music. It is not a whim or about fashion, it is just about the sound of music traveling around every space, every seat, every corner, giving shape to every dream, to every song. Outside, the white concrete in the façade represents the purity and originality of the Mexican music, inside, the red concert hall represents the Mexican composers’ passion.

Step by step, the visitor discovers the project, a soft and kindly merge between nature and man intervention, walks through the access square with a relaxed mind, just observing everything around him, feeling how the concert hall is more than just steel and concrete, it is an invitation to reflection, to feel the harmony inside and outside and to discover the wonderful and magic world of music.

The project started in the design process in 2008, and the construction phase began in 2010 and the opining was on June 7th 2012. It is located in Coyoacan, Mexico City.

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan

Architecture, Building and Structure Design

Natural light inside the concert hall: saving annually 14,600kwh equal to 10 CO2 tons non emitted to atmosphere . Roof-façade design: Saving annually 75,600kwh because of the reduction of the air conditioning usage. Waterless urinals usage: Saving approximately 88,000 lts/ year. In case of using this 88,000lts, other 1,170,000lts will be needed to clean them. This is equal to the consumption of water for 1,600 persons during a year. Variable acoustic system: Capable of adjusting the reverberation time from 1 to 1.5 seconds, being allowed to have all concert types indistinctly.

9287 sqm, 850 seats , 104 parking spaces for cars (persuading visitors to use other transportation media). 21 meters from the stage to the farther seat 1.05 meters between rows.

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan

Since our client was the Mexican composers’ association, very creative minds, it was very difficult to have everyone on board. But at the end, we accomplished the complete satisfaction of all of the members.

Partner in charge: Gerardo Broissin, Project Manager: David Suarez, Project Architects: Mauricio Cristobal, Rodrigo Jimenez, Alejandro Rocha, , Team: Enrique Guillen, Adrian Tellez, Gabriela Maldonado, Ruben Zepeda, Luis Muñoz, Erik Guzman, Jose Luis Duran, Sara Villanueva, Elizabeth Salinas, Juan Manuel Vargas and Pamela Moreno

Broissin Architects, 2014.

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan

Broissin Architectes

Gerardo Broissin studied architecture at the Anahuac University (1998, Honors) and at Southern California Institute of Architecture SCI-ARC in Los Angeles. He is founder of BROISSINarchitects firm. He has been awarded with the Mexican National prize of interior design. He has collaborated with Federico Soriano and Fernando Romero ( LAR ). In 2007 Architectural Record chose him Design Vanguard architect as one of the 10 most promising architects in the world. He is studio professor at Anahuac University in Mexico City. He has presented his work in Mexico, Canada, Spain and England. His work has been published in Mexico, United States of America, Japan, Egypt, Canada, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Croatia, Turkey, Seoul, Johannesburg, Milan, Hong Kong, Roma and Beijing.

A’ Design Awards & Competition

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Coyoacan Building images / information from A’ Design Awards

Location: Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral, Coyoacan, México, North America

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