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Putrajaya Waterfront : Kuala Lumpur Development

Putrajaya Waterfront development design by Studio Nicoletti Associati

3 Mar 2008

Putrajaya Waterfront Kuala Lumpur

Putrajaya Waterfront development, Kuala Lumpur

Winner of 2008 Cityscape Awards Dubai – Residential Category – Future
Oct 2008

Putrajaya Waterfront

2007-10 (Construction scheduled 01/2009)

International competition, first prize
Manfredi Nicoletti and Luca Nicoletti – Studio Nicoletti Associati
with: Hijjas Kasturi Associates

Kuala Lumpur Development

Putrajaya Waterfront Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya Waterfront Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya Waterfront Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya Waterfront Kuala Lumpur

The key of the overall planning for the waterfront is the relationship to the waterfront or lakefront. Whilst the buildings on the boulevard predominantly reinforce the alignment of the boulevard, the waterfront planning should tie the boulevard back to the waterfront. The current masterplan creates large building block footprints that remain heavy, reminiscent of old American models.

Our conceptual approach is relative to context and tropical climate. Three factors influence our sketch planning approach: allow permeable building blocks, smaller block sizes and radiate the buildings to enhance the visual corridors and links between the boulevard and the lakefront; varying the building height of ten storey restrictions heightening at nodal points for massing hierarchy; unify the buildings by introducing a canopy roof uniquely tropical.

The new urban plan places integration with landscaping and view as priorities. It encourages creating “fingers” of developments towards the water body and infused with park, creating a series of green forecourts.

The urban plan suggests the building orientation and massing provide maximum view toward the water and development across the lake. The massing is broken into smaller components with different heights. This approach will ensure the integration of landscape and building massing. The landscape and public areas will be larger and located in between the building fingers, which will create an interesting “journey” towards the waterfront.

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Putrajaya Waterfront Malaysia Putrajaya Waterfront KL

Putrajaya Waterfront Development – Building Information

Title: Putrajaya Waterfront
Contractor: Putrajaya Holdings Ltd
Architects: Studio Nicoletti Associati
Area: 280.000 sqm
Cost: € 184.166.000,00

Putrajaya Waterfront Malaysia images / information from Studio Nicoletti Associati

Studio Nicoletti Associati

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Southeast Asia

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