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Vallecas Madrid Housing Development

Madrid Housing, Spain design by dosmasunoarquitectos

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17 Viviendas en Vallecas

Design: dosmasunoarquitectos

Borrego montenegro toro

Arquitectura España

Vallecas Madrid

17 Homes in Vallecas – Madrid Housing Development

Intermediate spaces

The city represents a point of concentration of relationships in the territory, however within it there are pockets of extreme privacy that have their maximum exponent in the single-family home. A privacy transition system is proposed between the most public city, and the most private garden in which another series of intermediate spaces have room.

The intermediate, collective spaces create a cushion between the public highway and the private home. These spaces are distributed on the ground floor and upper floor, giving rise to recreation and leisure areas, which are accessed through 4 accesses from the street. Each house has individual access from this semi-private street, and direct access from the parking lot. There is also a multipurpose room to house shared activities that require an interior space.

Vallecas Madrid Vallecas Madrid Viviendas en Vallecas Madrid Viviendas en Vallecas

The geometric and urban conditions of the place are resolved through a homogeneous distribution of parallel and equal plots oriented to the southeast. Respecting 50% occupancy, the distances to the lateral boundary and adjoining a dividing wall, parallel pieces are established that guide the site and create the privacy of each home. These lower buildings house all the rest spaces that open to a private space.

Nature and City Equalizer

The main room is located on the upper floor, looking for the sky and creating a boundary between the paved space and the green space. Its definitive location, variable longitudinally, establishes the proportion between these two situations. There are several possible positions to which the lower part adapts in a simple and modulated way. The part of the room corresponds, on the ground floor, with areas of toilets, stairs and closets, so that the lighting and ventilation of the bedrooms is guaranteed.

Vallecas Housing Viviendas en Vallecas Viviendas en Vallecas Viviendas en Vallecas

The alternation in the placement of the rooms, volumes on the upper floor, generates a concatenation of outdoor spaces with greater privacy. A cross ventilation between two different areas; on the south side, the roof is vegetative and accessible, and on the west side it is a passable and collective roof. The climatic and privacy protection of the houses is achieved thanks to some galvanized steel tramex shutters.

The low density of the site allows to solve the program and exhaust the buildable area with houses in two heights, reducing the impact of the space occupied by the stairs. The handicapped house is organized on a single floor to avoid stairs, and direct access to the car park is via elevator.

17 Viviendas en Vallecas – Ficha Técnica

Client: EMVS. Municipal Housing and Land Company of Madrid
Architects: Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro, Lina Toro
Quantity Surveyors: Javier Mach and Javier González
Structures: José Luis de Miguel
Facilities: ZM Ingenieros
Construction company: in adjudication

Viviendas en Vallecas – Madrid Housing images / information from dosmasunoarquitectos

Vallecas housing architects : dosmasunoarquitectos

Location: Madrid, Spain, southwestern Europe

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