Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2018, Bethnal Green Design Competition, London Architecture

Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2018

TATA Summer Showcase in East London, England – UK Design Competition News

31 Jan 2018

Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2018 News

Triumph Pavilion 2018 – Summer Showcase Build Project

Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award (TATA) 2018 : Treehouse fit for a Prince


The aim of this international ideas competition is to recognise the architectural and design principle involved in designing a high quality treehouse and the role they sometimes play in shaping our ideas of low-cost, low maintenance and sustainable architectural design in many world communities. This competition investigates, explores and emphasises the importance of sustainable concept in Treehouse design as they become ever more popular, more intricate and more commercial.

Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2018
image courtesy of ArchTriumph


The program challenges participants to design an original Contemporary Treehouse fit for a modern Prince as a play and discovery space to be used by the young Prince George, his parents and friends. The treehouse design should allow for adult supervision from a distance with any use of modern technology kept to a minimum.

In the knowledge that every child is their parents prince and princess, combined with an inclusive society we encourage designs that allow for further use for other private, public or associated charity playtime events. The treehouse concept must be one that is sustainability and exhibits consideration for the welfare of the tree at it’s core. It should also project an image of elegance and connection to nature in its form and aesthetics.

Treehouses have a magic that stimulates our imaginations in any unique surroundings and posses an unforgettable promise of an adventure. The uniqueness of a Treehouse is sometimes based on the unique feature of the host tree or anchor points, which adds to that childhood dream or fairy tale of a hideout and adventure playground set high in the sky. It is also a space of retreat transporting adults from the stresses of everything reality to a world high up the

tree top to be close to nature or an elevated view. Treehouses were all the rage among wealthy adults during the renaissance and through 16th and 17th century Europe. It known that the current Queen then, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip stayed in a treetop lodging in 1952.

Triumph Pavilion 2015 design:
Triumph Pavilion 2015
photo courtesy of ArchTriumph


· Architects
· Architecture Graduates
· Architecture Students
· Landscape Architects
· Team (Architects, Architecture Graduates, Architecture Students) ·Inter-Disciplinary Teams (engineers, designers, city planners or urbanist)

Submissions can be the work of an individual or practice team or a group of up to 4 members (architects, architecture graduates or architecture students etc) aged 18 or over at the time of registration. Registration and participation in the competition implies an immediate acceptance by entrants of all terms & conditions governing the site and competition.


Entrants may register by filling the online registration form by the following deadlines:

· Early Registration – from 24th January 2018 00:00 (GMT) to 08th February 2018 23:59 (GMT)
· Standard Registration – from 09th February 2018 00:00 (GMT) to 09th March 2018 23:59 (GMT)
· Late Registration – from 10th March 2018 00:00 (GMT) to 16th March 2018 23:59 (GMT)


· Closing Date for Submission – 23rd March 2018 23.59 hours (GMT)


· Announcement of Winners – 6th April 2018 23.59 hours (GMT


Winners of the competition will receive a share of the Prize Fund of $2,000 USD and other benefits.

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Triumph Pavilion 2018 Architecture Competition – information received 310118

Location: Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PA, England, UK

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