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Tresarca Residence in Las Vegas

Contemporary Real Estate in Nevada, USA – design by assemblageSTUDIO, Architects

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Tresarca Residence

Architect: assemblageSTUDIO

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Tresarca Residence in Las Vegas

Tresarca Residence

If we are to develop an architectural form which respects our specific environment, we must understand how the early occupants of this place connected to the land.

Tresarca Housee

Contemporary Real Estate in Nevada

Tresarca Residence by assemblageSTUDIO, Architects

We need to acknowledge their handing of materials and form. This understanding provides a basis for an architecture that is not solely based on advanced technologies but on a passive approach that respects this place.

Contemporary Real Estate in Nevada

Contemporary Residence in Nevada Tresarca Residence

Tresarca was developed around a simple expression of forms and materials, influenced by the textures and shadowing of our environment. Through a separation of forms there are opportunities for protected courtyards, cross circulation and indirect daylighting. The glamour and glitz of the Las Vegas skyline has been substituted with purpose.

Contemporary home in Nevada

Contemporary property in Nevada

Contemporary house in Nevada

New home in Nevada

The design principle was simple…how do you design an environment which encourages the family to live outside when it is 110 degrees?

New house in Nevada

New real estate in Nevada

The project started with an analysis of the textures from our natural environment, geological formations and the resulting crevices created.

New property in Nevada

Tresarca Residence

These findings translate into a project separated into simple overlapping forms which create courtyards to inhabit. Spaces in between become the most important. Space becomes an extension of indoor and outdoor use blurring the line between.

Tresarca Residence Tresarca Residence

The courtyards become the oasis’ of family life in 110 degree weather. Cooled through the presence of water, natural convection and recession, family life is present year round. The upper volume is surrounded by an outer mesh screen which shades itself.

Tresarca Residence Tresarca Residence

The mesh is held away from the outer wall to enable the escape of heat. Filtered indirect light is allowed to penetrate the space while the gap between screen and wall act as a heat chimney.

Tresarca Residence

Tresarca Residence

Tresarca Residence

Tresarca Residence

Tresarca Residence in Las Vegas – Building Information

Finished: Dec 2011
Construction: Steel and Wood Framing
Materials: Steel Mesh, Blackened Steel, Plaster and Stone
SF: 9,500 SF

Major Awards Won: Finalist, architecture marathon 2014
AIA Nevada Citation Award 2012
AIA Las Vegas Unbuilt Award 2012

Tresarca Residence

Photographer: Bill Timmerman, Zack Hussain

Tresarca Residence in Las Vegas images / information from assemblageSTUDIO architects

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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