E-bay Istanbul, Turkish Offices Building, Gitti Gidiyor, Atasehir

E-bay Offices Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Commercial Development: Turkish Building – design by OSO Architecture

25 Aug 2012

E-bay Offices Istanbul

Design: OSO Architecture


E-bay Offices Istanbul Building interior

The new office of “E-bay – Gitti Gidiyor” which is one of the most important players of e-trade in global and local markets is located in My Office Building in Istanbul Atasehir. The office is positioned on one floor of 2000m² with a ceiling height of 530cm.

E-bay Offices Istanbul E-bay Office Istanbul E-bay Offices Building E-bay Offices Turkey
photos : Gürkan Akay

In line with the global trend of change in today’s modern offices, E-bay Istanbul office is planned as an “open office”. Accordingly, the inside office areas can be described by 4 functions:

– The entrance hall & social facilities
– Open office
– Meeting rooms
– Technical & service areas

The entrance hall that will build the initial perception of visitors for the office is designed as an impressive & inviting place. The desired “inviting sense” is emphasized by the natural wood work at the floor and ceiling and by the reception desk positioned at the back. The wooden pergola representing the entrance hall and invites people to walk through the reception. The semi permeable pergola ensures the building of a visual relationship with the “social area” behind the entrance, whereas strengthening the building of an effective impression with this visual sophistication. “E-bay” s globally existence and the fact that you are in the Turkish office in time being is symbolized with the stilized world map and red colour Turkey perception in the left of entrance hall.

The “social place” positioned behind the entrance hall is the only place visitors allowed to see, besides the meeting rooms. So, the place welcoming the visitors and used for celebrations of office staff in-house also includes various services like; cafe-bar, library, on-line music, TV, projection and play station games. This place gathering improvised activities such as quick meetings as well as international presentations, serves as an “agora” where the staff can entertain & interact. A terrace is related with this place which can also be used as a smoking area.

The open space working area holds 164 staff on 1.100m2 with a maximum of 225 seats. The ceiling design of the open space -which is a challenge to overcome the typical acoustical problems encountered in such areas, reflects an irrational order of lighting instruments and acoustical panels. The ordered and monotonous effect of furnish plan is avoided by the chaotic and colorful design of this cavernous suspended ceiling which enables to perceive the full height of the space. The circle carpet pattern which is used in other branch offices as well is applied to reflect the company’s corporate identity.

There are 12 meeting rooms with different sizes 7 of which are used externally. Each meeting room has a name and a digital door print symbolizing a historic place such as Boğaziçi, Efes, Nemrut, Galata, etc… The hi-tech infrastructures of the rooms are export from UK. Acoustical panels are used in ceiling design of these rooms where international meetings are held.

Ebay Offices Istanbul Ebay Office Istanbul Ebay Offices Building Ebay Offices Turkey
photos : Gürkan Akay

E-bay Offices Istanbul – Building Information

Designer: OSO Architecture / www.osomimarlik.com
Project Team: Okan Bayık, Serhan Bayık, Ozan Bayık, Armağan Ekiz
Client: Ebay Int.
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Design Period: Sep 2011 – Dec 2011
Construction Period: Jan 2012 – Apr 2012
Floor Area: 2.000 m²
Project Management: EE Istanbul
Mechanical Project: EE Istanbul
Electrical Project: EE Istanbul
Construction: Decart Insaat, Ege Klima, Ozısık Elektrik
Wood Works: Trimline
Lighting Design: OSO Architecture
Lighting: Demiralp Aydınlatma

Photos: Gürkan Akay

E-bay Offices Istanbul images / information from OSO Architecture

Location: Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey

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