Dead Sea Desert Hotel, Israel building

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Dead Sea Desert Hotel in Israel

21 May 2023

Architects: Bar Orian Architects in collaboration with Lambs & Lions Studio

Location: Israel, the Middle East

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel the Middle East

Architecture renderings by Bar Orian Architects. The interior and hyper-realistic renderings by Fat Tony

Dead Sea Desert Hotel, Israel

Bar Orian Architects in collaboration with Lambs & Lions Studio officially announces, Dead Sea Desert Hotel, a new luxury resort planned for Israel’s Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea, scheduled to open in 2025. The 109 room-and-suite property will be built on a plot of land with an area of about 20 dunams (nearly five acres) in the Judean Desert overlooking the serene landscape of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel

The imaginative fusion of an ancient “resting hotels” with a “Space Oddity,” concept draws a symbiotic connection to the majestic Dead Sea and Judean Desert.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel

Bar Orian established two planning principles based on the Dead Sea region’s unique location: maximization of open space, natural light and clean, unpolluted natural airflow, and utilization of the majestic panoramic views. Each of the rooms and suites faces the desert to maximize privacy in the rooms and on the balconies. The second guiding architectural principle is based upon protection from the desert weather conditions. For this purpose, the hotel is designed in the shape of a desert khan: a building with square proportions and a large courtyard in the center.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel the Middle East

For the project, Bar Orian collaborated with Lambs & Lions studio who designed the interior schemes and furnishings in line within the concept of “Space Odyssey.” The jagged bluffs of the Judean Desert are carved out of dry tan-coloured canyons rising from the cobalt blue waters of the Dead Sea. This breathtaking natural beauty is almost ‘out of this world’ and more akin to the opening scene of Kubrick’s 1960’s masterpiece 2021: “Space Odyssey.” Taking our cues from the feeling this radical geology evokes, Lambs & Lions looked to combine the cinematic dynamism of 1960’s ‘Retro Futurism’ with a natural and tactile material palette, grounding the project both culturally and geologically.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel the Middle East

The juxtaposition of the angular forms and soft curves of ‘Atomic Age’ architecture, with a contemporary interpretation of the colors and textures of the Bedouin desert dwellers, creates a unique narrative that combines unexpectedness with intimacy and tactility.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel the Middle East

To speak to the ancient history of the location, Bar Orian Architects drew inspiration from “khans” which were used as lodging and resting places for merchants passing through the arid and desolate desert. In its current incarnation, the desert has evolved into a place of relaxation and wellness of body and mind for travelers seeking for an extraordinary hospitality experience and an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel the Middle East

As such, the property’s courtyard is based around the idea of a central place for preparing meals and dining for passing merchants. Within the new resort, it will sit as a “pocket garden” that provides protection from the intense sun during the day and the strong winds in the evening. In addition, the garden was designated to be used as a vegetable garden serving the hotel and its chef’s restaurant and to the delight of its guests.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel

The entrance to the “Khan” begins with a bridge that leads to the second floors of the property, allowing guests to experience the hotel in a gradual and changing manner in two axes that are horizontal and vertical, respectively. The horizontal axis yields an experience that begins at the entrance to the hotel through the desert and continues through the desert oasis and ends with the breathtaking view from the private balconies.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel the Middle East

The vertical axis also allows for an evolving experience, beginning with the dramatic entrance to the upper floor, which is entirely wrapped in glass walls and allows a panoramic view of the Judean Mountains. From the upper floor, guests will descend towards the sheltered and enclosed courtyard and the entrance to the rooms and suites. Each entrance leads to a private area where guests can enjoy a serene personal experience while taking in the desert scenery.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel

The majority of the rooms sit on the first floor of the property, which is referred to as “the garden floor,” and range in size from40 square meters to 150 square meters (131- to 492-square-feet). Many of the rooms and suites have balconies and some boast private pools. All guests will have access to the outdoor infinity pool on the lower level of the property.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel Israel

The construction and development materials used to build the property were selected symbiotically to connect with the rough and raw desert landscape, including exposed concrete and washable plaster. The materials are inspired by the raw, Earthy tones of the desert which blend in with the natural environment of limestone and sandstone mountains and valleys.

Fattal Hotel Group, Israel’s largest hospitality organization, is the developer of the project and 7Minds, a new group collection of boutique hotels, will operate the property.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel the Middle East

About Bar Orian Architects
Bar Orian Architects – was established by Tal and Gidi Bar Orian in 1990. First recognized for its work in preservation, the firm’s sophisticated approach to additions and extensions of historical structures quickly won it international attention and a growing number of projects. Setting a high standard for the renewal of the old city of Tel Aviv–Yafo, Bar Orian is credited as the main creative force behind its architectural reinvention.

Today, Bar Orian Architects is engaged in a wide range of projects from high rises to high tech bridges. The studio’s design, construction, engineering, and urban planning divisions enable it to continuously expand into new domains while maintaining and optimizing its own standard for highest quality.

Some of Bar Orian’s acclaimed projects include the Beer Sheva pedestrian bridge, the Brenner Compound (home to Tel Aviv’s regional center for the Ministry of Welfare and Income Tax Authority), The Levee historic villa and apartments, and the Graduate Student Village at the Haifa Technion. Internationally, the firm’s repertoire includes such projects as the planned high-tech park at the foot of the Alps in Brosh, Switzerland, two apartment buildings in Brooklyn, New York, and hundreds of housing units in Katowice, Poland.

Dead Sea Desert Hotel the Middle East

Architecture renderings are by Bar Orian Architects
The hyper-realistic and interior renders are by Fat Tony

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Location: Israel, the Middle East

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