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Iranian Buildings : Architecture

Architectural Developments in central Asia Built Environment – Key Contemporary Properties

post updated 2 October 2021


Buildings in Iran

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Iranian Buildings. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Iran. Our focus is on contemporary Iranian buildings but information on traditional Iranian buildings is also welcome.

We have 2 pages of Iranian Architecture selections.

Iranian Architecture : news + key projects

Iranian Buildings : A-Z (this page)

Iranian Architecture

Architecture News – latest addiitons to this page, arranged chronologically:

Four Seasons House, northern Iran
New Wave Architecture
Four Seasons House Iranian Buildings
image from architect
Iranian House
Being situated in a territory in the southern coast of the Caspian sea -a town called Chaboksar- 216 meters above sea level, in Iran, provides a calm and green area for housing a nuclear family. A dwelling space where in tries to frame surrounding environment neatly and communicate eloquently. This area enjoys a climate known for its moderate, mild and Mediterranean-like. The Alborz range provides further diversity to the land in addition to the Caspian coasts, causing annual heavy rainfall and mild climate. However freezing temperature is seldom reported in the coastal areas.

Tehransar Project, Tehran
Daneshgar Architects
Tehransar Project Tehran
image from architects
Tehransar Project
“We have a clear vision of what we are dreaming. We dream of making a platform for social interactions. We dream of maximizing the quality of living within every moments of daily life. We dream of a city with high standards of living, working, studying & entertaining. Tehransar site makes our dreams become true.”

The Ramp House, Astalak, Tehran
A project by Jastudio and Afshin Farzin
Ramp House Tehran - Iranian Buildings
photograph from architects
Ramp House Tehran
The project is a combination of a small house for the concierge of a big residence and an office space for the client. The location of the main building on the site and the slope necessitated the creation of a series of retaining walls to support the circulation platforms to the base of the main building, these retaining walls were designed as hollow box sections to support the floors above them while housing the required functions inside.

Major Iranian Architecture Developments, alphabetical:

Ayatollah Boroujerdi Square, Boroujerd
Daneshgar Architects
Ayatollah Boroujerdi Square Iranian Buildings
image from architect
Boroujerdi Square

Dei Hospital, Zahedan
New Wave Architecture
Dei Hospital
picture from architect
Dei Hospital

Haghani Commercial Complex, Tehran
Daneshgar Architects
Haghani Commercial Complex Design
picture from architect practice
Haghani Commercial Complex

Iran International Trading Center of Carpet
New Wave Architecture
Iran International Trading Center of Carpet Iranian Buildings
picture from architects office
Iran International Trading Center of Carpet

Kish Dream Park, southern Iran
D+R dipiuerre architettura
Kish Dream Park Iranian Buildings
image from architects studio
Kish Dream Park

Office Building in Khorramshahr
Daneshgar Architects
Khorramshahr Office Building
image from architect firm
Khorramshahr Office Building

Paykar bonyan panel factory, NW Iran
Iranian factory building
photo : Ali Daghigh
Iranian factory, Parand industrial city

Tehran Business Hotel
Bonsar Architecture Studio
Tehran Hotel Design
picture from architects office
Tehran Business Hotel

Vali-Asr Commercial Office Building
Vali Asr Office Building
photograph from FD
Iranian Office Building

University Restaurant Zahedan
New Wave Architecture
University Restaurant Zahedan Iranian Buildings
picture from architects
University Restaurant Zahedan

More Iranian Buildings projects online soon

Iran Buildings – No Images

Azadi Cineplex Building, Teheran, northern Iran

Design: Foreign Office Architects

Azadi Tower, Teheran
Hossein Amanat
Iranian Design competition winner

Borj-e Milad (Milad Tower), The Tehran International Trade and Convention Center
Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi
Tallest tower in Iran : 435m, 1427ft – 4th tallest tower in the world

Flower of the East Development Project, Kish Island, Persian Gulf, west Iran

Glass and Ceramics house, Tehran

Hans Hollein Architects

Iran Senate House

Heydar Ghiai

National Museum of Iran Building
Andre Godard (French)

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Kamran Diba

Tehran City Theatre Building

More Iranian Architecture projects online soon

Location: Iran, Asia

Tehran house : Hans Hollein Architects

Architecture Developments in countries adjacent to Iran

Saudi Arabian Buildings

Jordan Buildings

Kuwait Buildings

Traditional Iranian Structure
Naqshe Jahan square, Isfahan, central Iran
16th century iranian architecture

Citadel of Arg-é Bam, Bam, Kerman province, southeast Iran
world’s largest adobe structure

The Gulf architecture

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