Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, Iceland

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows Design, Iceland Building Development Images

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows Design

7 June 2022

Design: United Architektur – an architecture office based in Berlin, founded by Jens Brinkmann

Location: Lake Mývatn, North Iceland

United Architektur Designs A Greenhouse Restaurant In Mývatn, Iceland

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland

Renderings by Thomas Saint-Guillain and United Architektur

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland

United Architektur from Berlin recently won an honorable mention in an international design competition for a greenhouse restaurant in Iceland. The competition’s idea is derived from Iceland’s growing greenhouse revolution. It seeks to use its local renewable resources to support food production and suggest iconic solutions for the farm-to-table concept.

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland

Named Mývatn Windows, the project unites a large-scale greenhouse and a restaurant within the spectacular landscape of Mývatn Natural Baths, Hverfjall volcano and Lake Mývatn in the distance. The restaurant opens on all sides, a technique that strengthens the building’s relationship to its place. A single long window in the facade has an undisrupted view of the landscape, while the windows to the side and rear visually connect the restaurant to the greenhouse and birch tree gardens.

Participation in the competition provided a platform to explore new possibilities for future responsive architecture. United took advantage of the opportunity to learn from combining two defined building typologies, ultimately creating a new cultural program in Iceland.

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland


The design uses a farm-to-table approach – an ecologically transparent production process from planting, farming and processing in the greenhouse to eating fresh fruit and vegetables in the restaurant. This process runs through the three modules, starting from the greenhouse to the functional block and the restaurant. Each module shares important visual and physical relationships with the other.

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland

Future Responsive Design

United chose to work alongside Iceland’s reforestation program whose long-term objective is to re-establish forests in up to 25% of the country’s area. As an educational gesture to this program, two birch tree gardens were designed between the polycarbonate wall planes of the restaurant. The number of green areas is maximised. Moss fields, planted stone walls, birch tree gardens and green roofs increase the building’s green footprint and act as a stormwater management system.

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland

All building modules use the geothermal energy from the local Bjarnarflag Geothermal Power Station, the first built in Iceland. It supports the heating system in the restaurant, as well as root level heating and the radiators in the greenhouse.

Relationship to Place

Mývatn Windows takes the characteristic of transparency from the greenhouse structure as a departing point for the design. Two large-scale planes of polycarbonate on a steel structure enclose the restaurant, forming a physical coherency with the greenhouse. This gives the building a sense of lightness within the landscape, merging with the horizon.

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows, North Iceland

The greenhouse aesthetic is translated inside the restaurant. Polycarbonate ceiling panels diffuse soft light into the restaurant while their form reinterprets the shape and pattern of the greenhouse roof. Contrary to the exterior, the lightweight glulam timber trusses adapt to the human scale.

Greenhouse Restaurant Mývatn Windows – Building Information

Project – Greenhouse Restaurant ‘Mývatn Windows’
Location – Lake Mývatn, North Iceland
Architecture Office – United Architektur
Lead Architect – Jens Brinkmann
Contributing Architects – Emily Pearce, Chiara Sanguin, Nicole Salfatis Sadka

Visualisations – Thomas Saint-Guillain – and United Architektur
Competition Results by Buildner –
Iceland Reforestation Program – Government of Iceland | Forestry

United Architektur

United Architektur is a Berlin based Architecture firm that believes in the unifying power of architecture as a significant cultural intermediary of life today. They use architecture as a fundamental tool to create responsive design solutions that meet the needs of our constantly changing world.

For more information, visit – and @unitedarchitektur

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Location: Lake Mývatn, Northern Iceland, north western Europe

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