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Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam

Animal Refuge Centre Holland design by arons en gelauff architecten

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Design: arons en gelauff architecten

Animal Refuge: Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam

Photos by Luuk Kramer

The Animal Refuge Centre

The two Amsterdam animal refuges have been amalgamated – the new-built is the largest pound in the Netherlands. The plot is in the city fringe, an apparently impossible wedge of cake. The “comb model” usual for this function consists of a long service corridor, with a repetition of kennels at right angles to it, separated by small outside spaces. This model is dominated by railings and the look of it closely resembles a prison.

Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam Dierenopvangcentrum Animal Refuge Centre

We have had the service corridor and the kennel corridor converge in the Amsterdam Animal Refuge Centre. This creates a long, thin ribbon building. This building is folded like a ribbon along the waterway around the plot. Inside this, two large play spaces for the animals have been created.

Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam

The building faces inwards in order to reduce excessive noise levels (barking!) for the neighbours. In the high part of the building, the cat accommodation is located above the dog kennels as an extra sound buffer for the outside world. The building that provides shelter for 180 dogs and 480 cats, also houses a shop, a veterinarian clinic, educational rooms, kitchens, office space, technical spaces, storage rooms and a caretaker’s apartment of 115 square metres. The central position of the entrance lobby determines the final form – a fluid object.

The building’s cladding – 1,5 mm thick Sendzimir zinc-plated steel panels with a maximum length 5.40 m, powder coated in twelve shades of green which flows along the length of the building – is a pixellated version of the grass on the old dike next to the building’s site.

Dierenopvangcentrum Dierenopvangcentrum Dierenopvangcentrum

Address: Ookmeerweg 271, 1067 SP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Architects: Floor Arons and Arnoud Gelauff

Zoo Buildings

arons en gelauff architecten

World Architecture Festival Awards 2008 : Health Category Shortlist

Animal Refuge Centre Amsterdam images / information from arons en gelauff architecten

Location: Dierenopvangcentrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, north western Europe

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