Thula Fort Restoration, Yemen Architectural Project

Thula Fort Restoration, Yemen Redevelopment Project, Yemeni Architecture

Thula Fort Restoration, Yemen

Yemeni Architectural Development design by Abdullah Al-Hadrami architect

21 Jun 2013

Yemen Fort Project

Architects: Abdullah Al-Hadrami

Location: Thula, Yemen

Thula Fort Restoration Yemen

Threatened by the disruption that might ensue from the construction of a road, the Thula community, with the help of The Social Fund for Development, has undertaken a series of historic preservation projects to protect cultural assets.

Thula Fort Restoration Yemen
photograph : Cemal Emden

These conservation projects include rebuilding the walls of burial grounds and walls of agricultural terraces, restoring the Bab al Mayah gate, watch towers, paths and waterways, and repairing the cistern that remains in use to this day.

Thula Fort Restoration Yemen landscape
photo : Cemal Emden

Thula is well-known for artefacts from the Sabaean period and its prototypical massive stone architecture. During the preservation process an archaeological site was discovered with gates and walls that should provide further insights into the Sabaeans and their civilisation.

Thula Fort Restoration Yemen Historic Fort Restoration Yemen Historic Fort Restoration project Yemen Historic building preservation project in Yemen Historic Yemen building preservation project
photos : Cemal Emden

Thula Fort Restoration – Building Information

Location: Thula, Yemen
Architect: Abdullah Al-Hadrami, Sana’a, Yemen
Client: The Social Fund for Development, Thula Local Council
Completed: 2011
Design: 2004
Site size: 8,754 sqm

Thula Fort Restoration Yemen images / information received from Aga Khan Development Network

Location: Thula, Yemen, Arabian Peninsula, Middle East, south west Asia

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