Barbouni, Navarino Dunes Hotel, Messinia Building, Greek Beach Restaurant, Photos

Barbouni Beach Restaurant, Costa Navarino

Greek Beach Architecture design by K-STUDIO architects Greece

13 Feb 2013

Barbouni, Navarino Dunes Hotel

Location: Barbouni Beach Restaurant, Navarino Dunes Hotel, Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece

Design: K-STUDIO

Barbouni Beach Restaurant at Costa Navarino:
Barbouni Beach Restaurant, Costa Navarino
photograph © Yiorgos Kordakis

Barbouni – Greek Beach Restaurant

Barbouni is a beach restaurant of approximately 300sqm, and part of the Navarino Dunes Hotel in Costa Navarino, Greece.

K-STUDIO were asked to create a contemporary refuge from the strong sun and wind, protected from the winter waves. The structure needed to be in harmony with the sea-front location and make the most of the views of the horizon and sunset.

The major challenge was dealing with the dominating natural conditions of the site: the burning 40-degree midday sun and the notorious ‘Meltemi’ summer wind. Rather than blocking the effects of these natural forces, K-STUDIO welcome them, embracing their qualities, adding them to our palate of materials, and turning them to the advantage of the design.

Barbouni Costa Navarino
photograph © Yiorgos Kordakis

The restaurant sits on a wooden platform elevated from the sand allowing the waves to break underneath. The structure of the building is formed by a grid of wooden columns. Amongst them an L-shaped volume, rendered in sand, sits among the “forest” of columns to house all the facility areas, such as kitchen, restrooms and storage.

The restaurant is characterised by an inverted field of hanging fabric sheets swaying soothingly in the dissipated wind above the diners, allowing air to circulate and the space to stay cool. Throughout the day dappled sunlight filters through the sheets lighting and shading the space simultaneously. The animated ceiling echoes the waves with a breath-like rhythm.

The combination of these purposely designed and naturally occurring elements creates a multi-sensory architecture that sits in harmony with the environment, provides a natural, comfortable refuge from the elements and creates an exciting, sociable atmosphere.

The project incorporates natural and sustainably derived materials from local sources wherever possible. Of equal importance however is the efficiency and durability of the materials, meaning that the structure has been built to last and work well.

Barbouni Beach Restaurant Costa Navarino Greece Navarino Dunes Hotel Costa Navarino Greece Navarino Dunes Hotel Barbouni Beach Restaurant Costa Navarino Greece Navarino Dunes Hotel Barbouni Beach Restaurant Costa Navarino Greece Navarino Dunes Hotel
photos © Yiorgos Kordakis

Barbouni Beach Restaurant, Costa Navarino, Greece : Navarino Dunes Hotel – Building Information

Architect: K-STUDIO / Dimitris Karampatakis, Konstantinos Karampatakis
Collaborators: Halo, Temes S.A., Elliniki Meletitiki, Temes S.A., Triedros
Location: Messinia, Greece

Barbouni Beach Restaurant Costa Navarino images / information from architects

Location: Navarino Dunes, Costa Navarino, 24001, Greece, southeast Europe

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