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Bègles Housing, Gironde, Bordeaux

Residential Development Gironde, Bordeaux, France design by LAN Architecture

Location: Bègles, Gironde, south-west France

Design: LAN Architecture

LAN completes the “Carré lumière”

79 Housing units

Bègles Housing

17 Nov 2015

Carré lumière Bègles


LAN architecture agency has today announced the completion of “Carré Lumière” in Bègles, suburb of Bordeaux, in Southwest France. The 72 apartments commissioned by Ataraxia, a property management company, follows the demolition of the previously idle towers of the “Terre Neuve” district.

As part of this urban project supervised by the SAEMCIB (Société Anonyme d’Economie Mixte de Construction Immobilière de Bègles) and driven by the local government, the objectives were to “exemplify” community housing with the intention to explore new propositions within the industry.

Bègles Housing

This request was guided by 4 main principles:

1 – Reinvent community housing, or at least consider intermediary forms of habitats that combine the need for privacy with the enjoyment of sociability
The “Carré Lumière” has the same qualities as a single-family home (the sense of privacy, individual exterior spaces, independence, and easily accessible outdoor space) without the disadvantages in terms of environmental impact (stretching networks, visual and atmospheric pollution, excessive consumption of ground).

Bègles Housing

2 – To enable people to live in a place that can evolve with them
Bègles is a semi-unfinished project, it is rather a “form in movement”. It is a malleable envelope that has the potential to double in its size tomorrow, and thus, double its capacity. Each apartment can swap its winter garden for an interior space in order to increase its living area. In response to the growth of a family, inhabitants can add a room within the framework that has already been constructed, and why not, they can always remove it once the kids have left home.

Bègles Housing

3 – Give an example of “economical sobriety”
Bègles was built at a cost of 1,000 € per m², a price far below the current price in this region, and double the surface area. This result was possible thanks to the work of streamlining, of control and management budget, of architectural sobriety. The fact that LAN cut out all the middle men also helped simplify the real-estate transactions.

Bègles Housing

4 – Picture a climatic model specific and sustainable
The formalised part, the urban planning requirements, allowed LAN to use a hybrid climatic model that complements the climate in this part of France. The bio-climatic design is halfway between a heavily insulated Nordic model and a Mediterranean patio-style design.

It’s based on the principle of variable compactness, which introduces the notion of the housing’s adaptability both on a large scale to rhythm of the seasons and to the minute climate changes on any given day. Everyone has the option to use their outdoor space as a windbreak, a greenhouse, or, to the contrary, as a cooling unit. This is called inter-seasonal architecture.

Bègles Housing

The two buildings are very distant from the actual standards of housing production: the building is only seven metres in depth, built like a parking lot and ornamented with industrial motifs.
Despite some of the radical aspects of this project, it quickly became a fundamental part of the identity of this new district.

Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing

72 Housing units Bègles, France:
Housing in Bègles from LAN architecture on Vimeo

An urban lifestyle set in a highly experimental ecological and contemporary architectures.
For this first ‘Focus On’, Umberto Napolitano and Venezia Ferret present a housing project in Bègles. The project principle underlying the approach was that of stacking containers, and careful study of new habitat modes. The idea of variable compactness introduced the notion of a housing unit’s adaptability to seasons and times of day.

Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing

Julien Lanoo

Bègles Housing

First prize “Architecture et Urbanisme”

Second Prize Residential Concept Category

Website: Bègles Housing Units – LAN Architecture project page

Bègles housing images / information from LAN Architecture

LAN Architecture

Location: Bègles, France

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19 Jan 2010

Bègles Housing Design

4 collective housing units
Bègles, Gironde department, south-western France

Design: LAN Architecture

A new, ecological and social living space geared to the 21st century.

The project’s richness and major interest lie in the possibility of inventing an urban lifestyle set in a highly experimental framework enabling the affirmation of new ecological and contemporary architectures. The diversity of architectural propositions and communal and private spaces had to ensure and enhance this specificity.

Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing Bègles Housing

The first stage was to ‘sculpt’ the volumes in order to exploit their urban potential and intrinsic spatial qualities.
We directed our research towards a hybrid typology combining the house and the apartment.

The principle underlying our approach was that of stacking containers, and careful study of habitat modes, climatic conditions and the sun’s trajectory throughout the year suggested the way to organise this.
The project’s column-slab supporting structure has a system of lightweight façades providing ultra-high performance insulation levels.

The relative narrowness of the buildings dictated a strategic search for compactness. The idea of variable compactness introduced the notion of a housing unit’s adaptability to seasons and times of day. All residents have the possibility of using their exterior space as a windbreak, a mini-greenhouse or, conversely, as a means of cooling or ventilating.

The morphology of each unit stems from the wish to develop housing units enabling a variety of uses very simply and with no extra technological input. We are therefore proposing cross-building units with adaptable exterior spaces and at least two different orientations.

Bègles housing – Building Information

PROJECT: Construction of a complex of apartments, shops and business premises
CLIENT: Ataraxia, Saemcib
LOCATION: Quartier Terres Neuves, Bègles (33)
COST: 6.5 M € HT
BUILT UP AREA: 6,500 m2
TEAM: LAN Architecture (lead architect), Agence Franck Boutté (HEQ consultant), Batiserf Ingénierie (structure), Michel Forgue (quantity surveyor), LBE (fluids)
3D IMAGES: Rsi-studio.com

In January 2010 LAN Architecture won two competitions for new residential areas in France.

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