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St John’s House : Oxfordshire Property

Classical Building Oxfordshire design by ADAM Architecture, England, UK

26 Jul 2011

Oxfordshire Country House

Design: ADAM Architecture

Another Country House success for ADAM Architecture

ADAM’s progressive classical house to replace modernist scheme in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Classical House:
St Johns House, Oxfordshire country home
picture from ADAM Architecture

St John’s House

A pioneering classical house designed by Robert Adam has just been granted planning permission by West Oxfordshire District Council. It replaces the modernist scheme which was given permission in 2004 under the old country house policy known as “Gummer’s Law”.

The new design is zero-carbon rated and incorporates unique developments of the classical tradition. It has an original interpretation of the classical Tuscan Order, a new interpretation of traditional stone detailing – or rustication, it has distinctive window details, uses high performance glazing and brings glass balustrading into the traditional vocabulary.

The local planning committee felt that this was a design of sufficiently high quality to replace the original design, and that it was more sympathetic to the area.

Previous ‘modernist scheme’:
Classical Oxfordshire Country House
picture from ADAM Architecture

Robert Adam, Director at ADAM Architecture, says that the house is “a welcome opportunity to develop the classical tradition. This design is not different for its own sake but provides a gentle forward direction for traditional design” explains Adam. “Innovation doesn’t have to be violent, it can be progressive. The previous design was good of its kind but a more low-key approach was preferred by the new owners and the local authority.”

St John's House St John's House Oxfordshire
pictures from ADAM Architecture

This is the second success for ADAM Architecture in replacing modernist designs under PPG7; the first was in 2008 when Adam’s new classical country house for Grafton Hall in Cheshire was granted planning permission. The scheme replaced the winner of the RIBA competition to design a country house for the 21st Century, which later proved impossible to sell.

Robert Adam’s success under this Planning Policy began in 2007 when a new house on virgin farmland in Hampshire was the first planning appeal won under PPG7.

St John’s House, Oxfordshire images / information from ADAM Architecture

ADAM Architecture

Location: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, UK

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William Wake House
English classical building
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This is the first phase of the Cliftonville site development providing a modern purpose-built healthcare building based on the existing hospital campus. It has been designed with courtyards and internal spaces, and provides facilities which aid treatment and rehabilitation while offering an appropriate level of safety and security within the building design.

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“Best new classical building” falls at first fence in Architects’ Awards

The house voted by the Georgian Group this year as the “best new building in the classical tradition” was entered for a national Royal Institute of British Architects’ Award by its designer, Robert Adam. It never got beyond the first stage and was rejected by a panel of local architects.

Neoclassical House
New English house by Robert Adam – voted ‘best new building in classical tradition’ by the Georgian Group

A leading traditional architect and himself a judge of RIBA Awards for 12 years, Robert Adam said, “This doesn’t surprise me, it’s well-known in the profession that traditional buildings don’t get RIBA Awards. In this case, it’s unusual to have such a clear-cut example where an expert body has given it the highest accolade only to have the professional institution reject it out of hand. I just wish the RIBA would be honest and admit that their awards aren’t for architecture at all but just for one kind of architecture – the contemporary or modernist style.”

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