Pizza Express in Sharjah, UAE

Pizza Express in Sharjah, UAE Interior Project, Dubai Architecture Images

Pizza Express in Sharjah

Commercial Development, Restaurant Project in Dubai, UAE design by H2R Design

24 Aug 2018

Sharjah Pizza Express, UAE

Location: Sharjah, UAE

Architects: H2R Design

Pizza Express – Global pizzeria franchise entrusts H2R Design to design a restaurant that stimulates minds and satiates hunger, catering to Sharjah’s University City diners.

Pizza Express in Sharjah UAE

H2R Design is an exciting new design studio based in Dubai and London, creating some of the most renowned commercial and hospitality spaces, was appointed by Pizza Express to design the latest chain of the restaurant franchise. Located in Matajer Shopping Mall, University City Sharjah, H2R Design approached the project with the theme of curiosity for knowledge and good taste. They designed an academically inspired version of the popular pizzeria while holding on to the restaurant’s playful attributes. The project was completed and handed over earlier this year.

Pizza Express in Sharjah UAE

H2R Design, founded by Hasan and Husain Roomi; a pair of young dynamic UK born brothers with Middle Eastern background, along with Jacqui Shaddock were tasked to propose a design concept that remains true to the Pizza Express brand tagline of being Stylish, Creative and Relevant. When developing the design, the team reverted their thinking and mindset back into that age of discovery and designed a space that is welcoming and cool to be seen in.

Pizza Express in Sharjah UAE

“We wanted to design a space that relates to the constant and chaotic life of students. In aiming to evoke a feeling of intrigue, discovery and experimentation, the design sparks the curiosity of students through the use of a show kitchen, as most Pizza Express Restaurants do”, H2R Design team explained.

The show kitchen had to be carefully designed adhering to mall restrictions, minimizing the visibility of cooking equipment. This created the opportunity to skew and rotate the kitchen and angle it within the space, allowing the team to configure the restaurant into zones.

A combination of geometric wall patterns adorning the walls and the usage of diagonally striped floor tiles and colored patterned timber wall strips are aimed to bring in a sense of fluid movement into the space.

Mirrors, artwork, and neon signs are key elements positioned to identify directly with the students.

Each corner has an educational component to trigger interest, such as the mathematical figure of Pi on a feature wall that subtly includes PIZZA EXPRESS between the 3.1415… number.

Wall lights in the shape of test tubes are used, along with a neon sign at the entrance spelling out “Food for Thought” adding to the quirky features and details, but not taking away from the identity of Pizza Express.

The convex mirrors represent the basic physics principles of the reflection and refraction of light, which by extension is a design principle that H2R Design used quite literally to engage the target audience (students).

The bar counter is an architectural feature that invitingly opens up the serving area, welcoming diners to walk through. It adds dimension to the open space, similar to the geometric and dynamic feel of the wall patterns. The counter creates an angle in the space that references the dynamism and complex routine of students.

H2R Design wanted the seating to appeal to the inquisitiveness of the students by allowing them to explore the variety of seating, ranging in comfort and sturdiness. Diners are invited to walk through the space, adding to the theme of curiosity – and encouraging them to find the ‘it’ spot.

“The concept behind the interior, aims to channel the culture and attitude of university life. It is a space for the thinkers and the trendsetters. We wanted to create a space that fills their souls not only with the wonderful Pizza Express menu but also through the strategic use of design elements to capture their curiosity”, the team explained further.

It was important for H2R Design to add the illustrative design ideas and to ensure that the features of the restaurant cater to a variety of demographics, whilst still keeping an equal level of sophistication.

Pizza Express in Sharjah UAE

About H2R Design
H2R is the young, dynamic London/Dubai based design firm founded by Hasan and Husain Roomi; a pair of young dynamic UK born brothers with Middle Eastern background along with Jacqui Shaddock who’ve been designing some of the most renowned commercial and hospitality spaces across continents. Supported by a design team with broad global experience, H2R maintains a diverse commercial portfolio with a primary focus is in the hospitality sector.

As the various disciplines of design often overlap and integrate, H2R endeavors to offer a total concept; this includes branding and identity design, bespoke furniture and fitting design, salvaging and appropriation and even sourcing site locations. The result is unique and customized spaces that respond to client briefs.

With projects such as Tom & Serg, The Sum of Us, Paperfig, Leopolds of London, GIA, TWO at Symphony, Parkers, Hardee’s and Alamein Hotel in Egypt, in addition to a wide spectrum of others, H2R Design is now on the global design map. Clients include Emaar Hospitality Group, Emaar Malls, Roya International, Al Abbar Enterprises, Mohamed Al Hilal Group, Pizza Express, Foodsters and many more.

H2R Design don’t just design incredible commercial spaces, they design destinations.

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H2R Design

Location: Sharjah, UAE

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