Casa Punta Arena, Sabana Buey, Dominican Republic

Casa Punta Arena, Sabana Buey residence, Dominican Republic real estate, Caribbean home interior design images

Casa Punta Arena in Sabana Buey

15 September 2023

Architects: Eracra Arquitectos Studio

Location: Sabana Buey, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Casa Punta Arena

Photos by Misael Ramírez

Casa Punta Arena, Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, in the Sabana Buey area and with panoramic views of Las Calderas Bay, stands this imposing villa, Casa Punta Arena, which the Eracra Arquitectos studio has managed to integrate as much as possible into the environment. that surrounds her. Measuring more than 630m2 and on a 2700m2 plot, the house surrenders and connects deeply with its arid and atypical environment for the Caribbean island, which the architects have made the most of, turning the challenge into an advantage.

Casa Punta Arena

“The biggest challenge comes from the steep and uneven terrain itself, but this has allowed us to create a unique design by projecting a series of interior spaces interspersed and connected to the exterior, where the house does not feel closed, but rather part of its environment.” says Cristóbal Gómez, one of the architects responsible for the project and partner of Eracra Arquitectos along with José Esteban Gómez. “The house is divided into two volumes connected through a full-width interior patio. The interiors are permeable and also have large opening carpentry and folding wooden walls,” Gómez continues.

Precisely to enhance this interior-exterior connection, Eracra Arquitectos has trusted and opted for the large enclosures of Grupo Ayuso, a leader in aluminum, PVC and glass systems, which allow the boundaries of the home to be blurred. As those responsible for the project emphasize, “the exterior elements such as vegetation, stones and views are introduced inside and this is possible thanks to the large-format sliding doors used, which can be opened completely, integrating the home with the environment and creating intimate and, at the same time, memorable spaces.” “The Grupo Ayuso aluminum and glass sliding doors that we have chosen have allowed us to have openings of great lengths and heights with the highest quality and technical performance,” says Gómez.

Casa Punta Arena

New Sabana Buey residence by Eracra Arquitectos Studio

Specifically, the Euroatria and TuttaVista series from Grupo Ayuso have been used for the project. The first of them is a 100mm perimeter sliding carpentry with thermal bridge breakage using 34mm NORYL plates on the frame and 25mm on the leaf, in addition to the minimalist crossing option with a 25mm view. It can reach a thermal transmittance value of up to UH=1.2 W/m2K, depending on dimensions and model of glass installed.

Casa Punta Arena

The second, the TuttaVista, is a minimalist-style sliding door system, especially for large spaces in which the interior-exterior connection is maximum. It allows full entry of natural light and great visibility thanks to its narrow profiles, which also achieve high thermal and acoustic performance. These qualities allow us to obtain very high comfort values. The frame can be completely hidden in the construction wall and the sash is reduced to a simple angle of glass with a visible thickness of only 10mm. It also offers the “Integrated Floor (S.I.)” model, thanks to which the lower frame is completely embedded in the pavement, thus obtaining a continuous view of the floor and making the spaces more homogeneous.

Casa Punta Arena

Avant-garde and sustainable design

A simple and modern architecture, with straight lines, where the interior patios dialogue with the exterior, also through the use of noble materials that do not compete with the surrounding nature but, on the contrary, complement it. And all this with high energy performance and sustainability standards as required from the initial planning of the project.

Casa Punta Arena

“The project incorporates passive solar management techniques to achieve an acclimatized home that allows open spaces with views of the sea,” says Cristóbal Gómez. “As architects, we highly value being sure that the materials and products selected for our projects comply with the harsh climate to which they will be exposed and, at the same time, that they do not detract from the architectural design itself. In this sense, the energy values that Grupo Ayuso’s enclosures allow to achieve have helped a lot.

Casa Punta Arena

“to achieve, in turn, fitting into the aesthetic lines we were looking for.” To which the architect adds: “we found the Group to be an excellent company with an innovative design. With them we have managed to accompany an architecture of a passive order in relation to the climate, but at the same time complying with the necessary technical and energy requirements.”

“We are completely satisfied to have collaborated with Grupo Ayuso. In future projects we will once again evaluate their solutions, seeking an integration between materials and architecture to create impressive and timeless spaces,” Eracra Arquitectos concludes.

Casa Punta Arena

Casa Punta Arena, Sabana Buey, Dominican Republic – Property Information

Design: Eracra Arquitectos Studio
Carpentry: Grupo Ayuso

Casa Punta Arena

Photography: Misael Ramírez

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Location: Sabana Buey, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

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