Cyprus Skyscraper, New Cypriot High-Rise Building, Nicosia Tower Design

DiamantECO Skyscraper

Cypriot Tall Building: Nicosia Tower – design by Studio Concepto, Architects

11 Nov 2014

DiamantECO Skyscraper Building

Design: Studio Concepto Architects

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

Night View

The DiamantECO building is considered being a smart building. Having the ability to transform according to the main environment characteristics at a specific moment or period but also according to the habitats needs or habits.

DiamantECO Skyscraper Building design Cyprus

The building is placed in an open area in the city center of Nicosia. The diamond shape shell allows the building to observe the best benefits from the sun so the building is placed having the communal areas (stairs and elevators) on the North-West direction. The building orientation provides sufficient wind advantage since the average wind direction is west in the winter and north in the summer. Two opposite corners of the building are formed with balconies that are facing the best views of the city on the North-East and South-West directions of the capital.

Final in the city

Under floor heating, ceiling cooling systems, solar and geothermal methods for water and air, temperature and humidity control as well as energy recovery ventilation systems will complete a full alive HVAC hybrid group. Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) will be automatically controlled according to each habitats body temperature. Body temperature monitors will “read” each individuals body temperature and by extracting the average space needs, the HVAC system will act, keeping a balance of energy saving and comfort sense. The lighting automation ensures energy saving and minimize the energy cost while providing increased comfort and safety.

DiamantEco DiamentECO

Smart devices and their programming will provide a flexible energy control system for the building energy consumption. This system will provide energy consumption per day, month or year. Smart meters will be added to energy consumption points, which provide real-time consumption information. The analysis of this information and the direct feedback given by the system will lead to the best building’s energy management.

Close up Entrance Interior View Entrance

A main control system, placed in the building, connected with an advanced satellite system, will provide full automation abilities for each habitat individually and based on its own needs. Android devices made specifically for the DiamanECO residence and offices, will be provided for full control of the residences, offices, parking, and communal area spaces. Oral or typed commands will give the ability to the user to control the lighting, the temperature, the comfort and the full use of its personal space. Customized automations will be also provided.

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The solar shell will provide full electricity power to the building. Designed to cover fully the suns route, summer and winter, the shell consists 2800m² of solar panels producing 800 kwh/day covering in this way by far the building’s needs (around 600 kwh/day). Storage batteries will be placed in the control areas. Extra electricity will be offered to the main city electricity network.

DiamantECO Skyscraper Cyprus images / information received 111114 from Studio Concepto Architects

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus, southeast Europe

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