Paraiso354 Residence Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica home, Guanacaste luxury real estate pool

Paraiso354 Residence on Peninsula Papagayo, Guanacaste

10 May 2024

Architecture and Construction: SARCO Architects Costa Rica

Location: Peninsula Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Paraiso354 Residence Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Photos by Andres Garcia Lachner

Paraiso354 Residence, Costa Rica

Paraiso354 Residence, by SARCO Architects Costa Rica is an expansive award-winning modern tropical luxury residence with the utmost attention to detail and precision in design and construction.

Paraiso354 Residence Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Paraiso 354 is one of the latest in our long list of luxury homes that SARCO Architects Costa Rica have done in Peninsula Papagayo over the years.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Paraiso354 was recipient of two awards at the 2021-2022 International Property Awards, a prestigious international design competition in London, UK. It was the winner of:
● 5-Star, Best Architecture Single Residence Costa Rica 2021-2022
● 5-Star, Best Residential Property Costa Rica, 2021-2022
● Nominated for the Best Residential Property Americas Award, 2021-2022

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Paraiso354 was a project which, from the beginning, was designed as a ultra-high end property for sale. However, our client’s vision for the project was specific and ambitious. It deviated from the conventional “design it and build it to be cheap” mindset that most spec homes tend to follow by aiming to go above and beyond with Paraiso354. With our expertise in home design and construction, we could create a top of the line luxurious vacation destination.

Paraiso354 Residence Costa Rica

Aiming the best of the best in architecture design, it would feature ample, luxurious spaces with no expense spared on architectural finishes or systems. Our main aim was to construct a stunning 6-bedroom home that would have amenities and spaces to take advantage of outdoor living and the unique scenery in the surrounding area. At the same time, it would reflect ultimate luxury and coziness on the inside. All this within a clean, modern, almost minimal tropical architectural design.

Paraiso354 Residence Costa Rica

We took advantage of some very special possibilities offered by the site in order to create a unique home. Generally, homes are designed to make the most of a particular view. This is done by orienting the majority of it towards that one direction. Paraiso354 has a spectacular vista of the bay in a westerly direction and towards the sea.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo

Additionally, there is a stunning sight of a secluded bay at the entrance to an estuary with mangrove forest on the other side and north Peninsula lit up in the background. The alternate perspective also enabled us to build a home with two distinct views. The westward orientation allows occupants to savor spectacular sunsets from the indoors or outdoors, thereby making the best use of these picturesque surroundings.

Paraiso354 Residence Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Taking advantage of its northward location, the bedrooms wing is designed to face the bay and forest below. This prevents direct sun exposure while still allowing for great views from the balconies and private moments with a cool atmosphere. The Family Den is strategically located to provide the best possible views. You can take in 180-degrees of natural beauty of Peninsula Papagayo from here, while also enjoying the serenity of the environment.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo

We also intentionally elevated the main level of the house from the natural level of the terrain, with the intention to provide a more commanding view over the bay below. At the same time, this would reduce the amount of excavation needed for the lower level of the home, adding to the project’s environmental considerations.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo

Overall, Paraiso354 would be designed as a luxurious ultra-high end property developed with the highest standards of quality and luxury in mind.

Architectural Finishes and Materials
Essential to its modern tropical and minimal design, this home was outfitted with Italian porcelain stoneware tiles for its architectural materials and finishes. The main level was designed with dark quartzite stone porcelain flooring to temper the intensity of the afternoon sunlight. The porcelain flooring seamlessly flows into the Lauttner-edged swimming pool for a unique and visually stunning effect. For a lighter atmosphere, a variation of lighter quartzite stoneware porcelain was used in the lower level.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

The facade of the home is designed to make a bold statement with dark colors that blend in well with the natural environment.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo

Large-sized slabs and porcelain stoneware are used as accents on this facade, creating an eye-catching effect against the greenery. The cubes had been carefully crafted to fit the size of the slabs, meaning that none of them needed to be cut or trimmed. So a full-sized piece was used in all their accents for an impressive finish. The aged iron of the cubes is further enhanced by the addition
of natural teak vertical screens that enhance the glass curtain wall surrounding it at the main entrance, along with the massive barn door in Guanacaste wood that opens up to the wow-factor of the main view out to the bay.

Gorgeous natural teak ceilings adorned the main level and outdoor balconies, creating a cozy atmosphere in harmony with the dark quartzite flooring. The use of teak wood is truly unmatched, providing striking beauty and warmth.

Within the building, you’ll find bright white walls that serve as a backdrop for artwork by Austrian artist Andrea Bischof. The vibrant shades of color provide a stunning contrast to the crisp white space. Andrea painted these pieces while in Peninsula Papagayo, inspired by the tones and the light around the area.

The bathrooms were designed using large-format porcelain stoneware with a range of colours and textures. We chose to combine dark, dramatic stone with the soothing whiteness of glossy and matte tiles to create a unique look. For a heightened indoor-outdoor vibe, glossy wall finishes were chosen for the bathrooms to create a mirror effect showcasing the breathtaking greenery from the exterior. The main bathroom was designed to be an inviting and tranquil oasis with striking quartzite-like slabs adorning the walls, accompanied by a serene matte opaque glass. All these culminate in an open layout that seamlessly connects to the spacious outdoor balcony.

Paraiso354 Residence Costa Rica

Interior Architecture Vision
SARCO Architects’ projects are developed with a unified approach; fundamental elements such as interior architecture and architectural lighting design are main components to this integrated design approach. This gives us the power to carefully craft our projects in a way that interior, lighting and architecture all complement one another, resulting in a highly successful design project. Paraiso354 was built with modern minimalism in mind and its interior was designed to match the architectural spaces.

The end result is a cohesive design that creates a pleasing aesthetic. The aim was to make the spaces practical and stylish while still highlighting the stunning views that are a key part of this home. We wanted to create a comfortable, feature-rich atmosphere, always using the magnificent panoramas as the centerpiece.

For an inviting atmosphere, custom solid wood cabinetry has been included throughout the home to evoke the look and feel of warmth. Guanacaste wood with its unique natural grain offers a great contrast against other materials, projecting depth and character. The home was designed with a blend of cool tones for floors and walls, paired with the rich warmth of Guanacaste wood cabinets. Additionally, the interior walls were kept white to create a clean look and adorned with soft grey Venetian plaster accents on bedroom walls.

The purpose of having limited decorative lighting and other elements was to maintain the modern, minimalist look of the home and create a backdrop for the beautiful views outside. This way, the home is still aesthetically pleasing without compromising on its elegant appearance.

Paraiso354 Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Architectural Lighting Design
In the Paraiso354 residence we crafted the Architectural Lighting design for the home in order to create a soft, but striking mood for the home at nighttime. From the front facade, the lighting design is simple, with a focus on accentuating landscape elements in the surrounding gardens and the main central courtyard before the main entrance. Wall sconces that light up the underside of the large teak overhangs and small point lights create a path of light towards the main entrance.

Once in the main entry foyer and terrace, the lighting focuses on creating subtle but strong accents on architectural elements. The metal look porcelain walls at the back of the terrace are lit up by floor recessed light strips, which also create a stunning accent of the teak wood on the underside of the large floating roofline. Metal main columns which were painted in a strong orange tone are lit up by tiny floor spots, creating a sense of being lit up in flames.

Tiny spots were used along the pool for a visual indication of the end of the terrace, and those are mirrored along the underside of the long roof along the terrace side, creating a soft glow of light along the terrace edge. Downlights for the main social spaces were carefully selected to provide ample lighting while not allowing for glare from the light fixtures, creating a subtle, tranquil mood without even asking where the light is coming from.

Light strips were used throughout the project as details associated to architectural elements. For example, the Den features a recessed cube with a floating desk which glows light up and down to emphasize the cube. The lower level corridor features a single light strip that runs the entire length of the corridor, creating a strong ambiance and a complement for the intense colors of the artwork by Andrea Bischof.

Paraiso354 Residence Costa Rica

Landscape Design Vision
The landscape design of this home is designed to be calming and subtle in comparison to the bold architecture. By selecting lush, bushy plantings for the front areas, we create a strong yet balanced look that further enhances the building’s aesthetic.

To give the entrance courtyard between the driveway and front entrance of the home a proper look, we decided to place some mature trees as an essential part of the landscape design. These trees were thoughtfully selected to provide a distinct visual accent. After careful consideration, it was decided that two Caoba trees were the most suitable for their lush green foliage, strong branch structure and their grown up, mature size. The Caoba trees, palm trees from the lower Zen garden and existing trees in the perimeter of the property offer a very lush and soft filter for the main facade of the home.

Paraiso354 Residence Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

“Paraiso354 is a standout example of our dedication to precision and attention to detail here at our firm. This stunning home boasts a unique setting that offers the perfect canvas for experiencing the breathtaking natural surroundings of Peninsula Papagayo. We take great pride in desiging exceptional homes, and Paraiso354 is a shining testament to that.”. – Roderick Anderson, CEO & Design Director, SARCO Architects Costa Rica.

“Designing and building the Paraiso354 Residence was an exhilarating experience for us. Collaborating with a client who shares our passion for exceptional design, we seamlessly integrated architecture, interior architecture, and lighting design to create a unique and stunning masterpiece. The end result is a true testament to the power of holistic design. Our approach to design is comprehensive and hands-on, which sets us apart from the rest. We are committed to managing every aspect of construction, from start to finish, in order to achieve our design vision with utmost precision. This integrated approach guarantees that our designs are executed flawlessly, delivering impeccable outcomes every time.” – Roderick Anderson, CEO & Design Director, SARCO Architects Costa Rica.

Paraiso354 Residence Peninsula Papagayo Costa Rica

Paraiso354 Residence in Guanacaste, Costa Rica – Building Information

Architecture: SARCO Architects Costa Rica –
Interior Architecture: Sarco Architects Costa Rica
Architectural Lighting: Sarco Architects Costa Rica
Landscape Design: Tpa Taller De Paisaje Y Ambiente
Construction Management: Sarco Architects Costa Rica

Photography: Andres Garcia Lachner –


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Location: Peninsula Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Central America

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