Casa con Vista, Guanacaste luxury real estate and pool, Costa Rican architecture and interior design photos

Casa con Vista in Guanacaste

31 Oct 2023

Architects: Studio Saxe

Location: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Casa con Vista Guanacaste Costa Rica

Photos by Sergio Pucci

Casa con Vista, Costa Rica

In Nosara, Costa Rica, Studio Saxe present Casa con Vista a modern tropical home defined by its clean lines that effortlessly frame breathtaking ocean views and establish a unique sense of place.

Casa con Vista Guanacaste Costa Rica

Studio Saxe international clients approached the architects, seeking to create a refuge from Canada’s harsh winters. Their aspiration was not just a retreat but a seamless blend of two worlds, where elegance meets simplicity, and the benefits of the tropical climate are fully embraced, forming a deep, holistic connection with nature.

Casa con Vista Costa Rica


The site offers impressive vistas of the ocean and neighboring mountains. Our design approach centered on a simple geometric form that frames these views. By reducing architectural elements to their essentials, we’ve emphasized the visual bond between inhabitants and the surrounding natural beauty

Casa con Vista Costa Rica

Casa con Vista Guanacaste Design

Achieving the right balance was key. We needed a lightweight yet sturdy structure that felt almost fleeting atop its mountain perch, but that also effectively framed the natural surroundings.

Social spaces extend naturally from inside to a spacious terrace and pool on the ground level. The upper floor holds private areas that offer remarkable views and seclusion, linked by a double-height atrium that bathes the interior in natural light and heightens the sense of space.

Casa con Vista Costa Rica


The design’s simplicity eased the construction process and allowed for straightforward material connections, adding a touch of elegance to the inherent simplicity. Utilizing prefabrication techniques ensured that construction remained efficient and meticulous, even on the challenging mountainous terrain. Uniting local materials like teak wood with modern counterparts such as concrete, steel, and efficient glazing became a cornerstone of the project, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition with contemporary innovation.

Casa con Vista Costa Rica


Positioning an elevated volume over the living area enabled optimal cross-ventilation in the home’s communal spaces. The central atrium
fosters a natural chimney effect, drawing away the warm air from the upstairs bedrooms, ensuring continuous air circulation. We
emphasize the importance of rainwater collection and water recycling, utilizing solar heat for water and treatment systems, all aimed at minimal energy and resource consumption. The home’s lightweight nature facilitated prefabrication, reducing on-site construction impact.

Casa con Vista Guanacaste Costa Rica

Casa con Vista in Guanacaste, Costa Rica – Building Information

Architecture: Studio Saxe –
Location: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Date of completion: 2023
Client: Private

Studio Saxe

Benjamin G. Saxe set up his own practice in San Jose, Costa Rica in 2004, with the aim of exploring our relationship with the natural
environment through architecture. Since then, Studio Saxe has grown into an award-winning international practice made up of a multidisciplinary team, creating buildings and spaces by blending technological innovation with handcrafted techniques to form
truly sustainable designs. Founded on the belief that buildings must connect to their landscape – whether a tropical paradise or a concrete jungle – Studio Saxe brings a global attitude to solve local problems. Ideas and techniques from around the world can
be harnessed to benefit communities, both at home and abroad.

Local traditions and identities are explored and developed, ensuring a process whereby we learn from the past and build for
the future.

The dedicated architects and designers at Studio Saxe uncover new design solutions for every project, treating each building as
an opportunity to improve methods and approaches, responding to specific places. Working alongside clients and collaborators,
the studio continually seeks new forms and functions that blur the boundaries between natural habitats and inhabited space.

Casa con Vista Guanacaste Costa Rica

Photography: Sergio Pucci


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Location: Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Central America

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