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Ærø Buildings: Arkitektur Danmark

Ærø Bygning Fotos, photographs of some key buildings on this Danish island

9 Aug 2012

Ærø Buildings

Location: Ærøskobing, Ærø, Danmark

New photos of some key buildings on the island from Aug 2012, © Adrian Welch:

Ærø Bygning

Church in Tranderup, in the middle of the island:
Church in Tranderup Church in Tranderup Tranderup Church Tranderup Church

Tranderup Church

Church in Bregninge, towards the west of the island of Ærø. Founded around 1200 and received significant Gothic additions around 1400. Its interior contains some frescoes from the late Gothic period, depicting the life of St. John the Baptist and the Passion story. The key element in the building however is an early 16th century triptych by the master Claus Berg, shown below:
Church in Bregninge Bregninge Church

Søbygaard, located in the east of the island of Ærø. It is a manor house built by Duke Hans the Younger in 1580:
Søbygaard Søbygaard Ærø

Small hill to west of Søbygaard, remains of an ancient fortification:
Søbygaard hill

Søby Mølle, windmill on Ærø, located on hill to east of Vester Mølllersgaard:
Søby Mølle Søby Mølle Ærø Søby windmill windmill on Ærø

Vester Mølllersgaard – Kunshøjskole:
Vester Mølllersgaard

Church in Ærøskobing, located in the north of the island of Ærø:
Church in Ærøskobing

General views of the traditional buildings in Ærøskobing:
Ærøskobing Ærø Buildings Ærøskobing buildings Ærøskobing traditional buildings

Looking south in the town square in Ærøskobing:
Ærøskobing town square Ærøskobing town square buildings

Library building on town square in Ærøskobing:
Ærøskobing Library building

Building photos around the island from 2006:

Ærø bygning : Ærøskobing
Ærøskobing - Ærø Buildings
photo © Adrian Welch, Dec 2006

Vester Mølllersgaard : Kunshøjskole
Vester Mølllersgaard Ærø Architecture Ærø Arkitektur
photos © Adrian Welch, Dec 2006

More Ærø arkitektur online soon

Location: Ærø, Denmark, northern Europe

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Contemporary Architecture in Denmark – architectural selection below:

The Heart in Ikast, Vestergade, Ikast, Jutland, western Denmark
Design: C.F. Møller Architects
The Heart in Ikast Jutland
photograph : Adam Mørk
The Heart in Ikast
The Heart in Ikast, by C.F. Møller Architects is a new centre for culture and communication, which combines teaching activities, communal activities, physical training and play in various new ways. Designed to offer a cultural community focal point, the building is a powerful, accessible piece of architecture which exudes openness, warmth and welcome.

Cold War Museum at Nordjyllands Historiske Museum, Røde Møllevej 22, Skørping, Rold Forest, Jutland
Design: AART architects with SLA, Niras and Thøgersen & Stouby
Cold War Museum Rold Forest Jutland - Denmark Architecture News
image courtesy of architects office
The Danish Cold War Museum in Rold Forest, Jutland
Together with SLA, Niras and Thøgersen & Stouby as sub-advisors, the Danish architecture firm AART has won the prestigious competition to design the new Danish Cold War Museum in Rold Skov in Northern Jutland.

Copenhagen Harbour Gateway design by Steven Holl Architects

Rødovre Skyscraper Copenhagen design by MVRDV Architects

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