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Arctic Research Centre Architecture

Architectural Project in Norway design by Margot Krasojevic, London, England

8 Sep 2009

Arctic Research Centre Building

Design: Margot Krasojevic

Arctic Research Centre Mobile Arctic Research Centre

Mobile Research Centre Design in Norway

The Arctic research center is a mobile structure on hydraulic legs, which allows for the 3 main sections to dismantle and reorganize themselves accordingly. The work and living quarters are on skis pulled along by snow tractors and snowmobiles. The sides and part of the roof are covered in a carbon fibre and Silicium lattice frame, which traps light energy using photovoltaic glass panels.

Arctic Research Centre design Arctic Research Centre project

Electric current is forced through the electrical resistance wire embedded within the carbon fibre façade lattice frame, creating heat energy then cooling it for an icy surface to from within the frame allowing snow to build up that acts as insulation to the center similar to an igloo.

Arctic Research Centre Information from Margot Krasojevic 080909

Location: Norway, northern Europe

Margot Krasojevic – an architect based in London, UK

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1 July 2020
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