Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion

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Arquine Competition No.23 MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion

post updated 22 Feb 2021 + 11 Jan 2021

In compliance with the provisions of the Arquine Contest No.23 | Meeting Point, on Monday, February 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., the jury made up of Raúl Cárdenas, Wonne Ickx, María Verónica Machado, Isabel Martínez Abascal, and Alejandro Tapia (as technical jury) met. The deliberation was via Zoom, where they evaluated the 240 proposals received from the 312 registered.

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion Results

The bases specify that the jury has to freely and independently select a single proposal from among all those submitted in a timely manner (in any case they are anonymous projects), complying with the guidelines established in the Contest bases.

They could not participate:

• Members of the Jury of this contest, members of Arquine or MEXTRÓPOLI.
• People with blood ties with the members of the Jury; the spouses or people related to a relationship of emotional coexistence or affinity, or those with whom stable professional relationships are maintained.
The jury and the organizers could exclude the works for the following reasons:
• Delivery after the deadline or without complying with what is established in the bases.
• Breaking of anonymity, either by having revealed the authorship by any means, or by presenting graphic elements identifying the identity of the author of the proposal.
• Any attempt to communicate or pressure the members of the Jury, duly accredited.

In this edition of the Contest, the following was requested: After twenty-two years calling for specific ideas and proposals, from Arquine we invite you to speculate on new ways of using public space focused on the design of a point where proximity and encounter are the main characteristics.

A device, prototype, installation or device must be proposed that encourages people to meet and build trust in celebrating the city in community. The proposal must be replicable, scalable, accessible, inclusive, with the possibility of adaptation to diverse contexts, low cost and rapid execution. It can be a limited, delimited, closed or roofed space, you can also think of more open, flexible or dispersed proposals.

An invitation to think about the possibility of humanizing our cities, of reinventing the use of the urban environment in a creative, versatile and economic way. A meeting point that, when built, allows us to meet again.

More than 80% of the proposals received fell into the category of pavilion and were mostly exercises in the ingenuity of assembly.
After reviewing each of the sheets received, the following projects were thoroughly discussed:

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Honorable Mentions

ARQ-C23-0211 | Guido Guernetti, Pablo Galicer and Guido Mezzera. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Winners

A project that when elevated serves as a beacon, drawing the attention of citizens but that avoids crowds at the same point, since, upon perceiving the concentration of many people, the area lowers and disperses the public.
We like that the project can be used day and night, but the execution and its activation is not very clear on the sheet.

ARQ-C23-0276 | Open Study (Eduardo Dana Cohen and Rafael Buzali Przedecky),
Carlos Metta Saade, Santiago Moyao Sánchez. Mexico City

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Winners

Of the projects received that propose remote communication and an auditory game, this one stands out for the graphic representation of the sheet and for the narrated story of the character who, some of us, conquered. The jury’s concern is the technical resolution of the project (as it is proposed) so that the experience described can really be lived.

ARQ-C23-0293 | Noelia Cordero Valentín and María Cobos Averturo. Valladolid, Spain.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Winners

We highlight the proposal for thinking about the management of a new massive waste such as that of the mouth covers, especially considering the complexity of being able to recycle something in Mexico City. The ready-made project is interesting when installing a pipe, as a monumental meeting point to throw away the mouth covers that are discarded daily. It is a proposal of this moment, of a situation that is being experienced throughout the world. It can also be understood as an idea of a monument where the icon is the recycling of this object that protects us. The objection of the project is its infeasibility since it implies the drilling of the existing surface for its installation.

ARQ-C23-0327 | Chris Falliers and Antje Steinmuller, California.

Architectural design by Chris Falliers and Antje Steinmuller, California

It is the only proposal that thinks of a program of activities linked to this moment and that goes beyond a moving pavilion. It is the only edition in which the Arquine Contest is subject to a global exceptional situation and this proposal proposes a mobile container to meet certain needs, although in Mexico, many of the activities proposed in this project are already carried out in a informal way. We understand it as a pretext to rethink a program.
We are concerned that many of the proposed activities involve the conglomeration of people and that the project is not fully resolved.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Winners

Roberto Michelsen and Panósmico (Mariana Mañón and Manolo Larrosa). Mexico City.

A proposal that comes from the proposal of a pavilion as an architectural artifact that invites all citizens to participate and that their word is written in the sky with a drone. The poetry of a word in the air in different parts of the city is highlighted. Taking into account the experience that the festival organization has in applying for permits to fly a drone in the Historic Center, we are concerned about depending on said authorization (that of the use of airspace) for its realization.

Architecture design by Roberto Michelsen and Panósmico

Monica Feldman. Bogota Colombia.

A landscape intervention. A radical proposal and gesture. It is not built, but is poured and spilled in large quantities on the Alameda Central. As Borges said: “Everything is built on sand, but we must build as if sand were stone.” It interrupts the passage at one of the busiest crossings in the park in a poetic way, in the same way that the pandemic has obstructed our daily lives. Its title Ciénaga and the image of muddy clay, refers to how muddy we are within this reality, which has unexpectedly broken the continuity of the historical thread. It attracts us that a network of points is proposed in the city. The amount of clay necessary to achieve what is represented in the image and its dumping at different points would make it difficult to carry out this project, or in its translation into practice its scale would have to be adjusted considerably and then it would lose the strength of the proposal.

Architecture contest proposal by Monica Feldman

Sara Enríquez Legarra and Daniel de Diego Barrios. Valladolid, Spain.

It goes beyond a contemplative water mirror. A couple of entrances invite the citizen to enter this space and it has a pause and play point. It is a proposal that as a garden invites reflection and revaluation of public space. A proposal that thinks about social distancing and gambling. We appreciate that the description is well written and the graphic work, even the mockup that the contestants made.

This proposal would work better in a more arid space, other than the Alameda Central where there are already several points with water (fountains) and green areas.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Winners

Azócar Catrón (Carolina Catrón Lazo, Ricardo Azócar Ulloa) with the support of Josefina Tardones Ortíz. Concepcion, Chile.

It is a ghost building that dematerializes. A totem as a meeting point, a very clear and legible gesture. It has a connotation of a virtual architecture and therefore permeable and transparent that makes a lot of sense with the moment we currently live. Flirt with the immaterial and bring the quintessential architectural element like Adolf Loos’s column to the Chicago Tribune contest, as an iconic gesture. A duality that makes it very interesting. The base of the building is 3 meters on a side, therefore, following the safety distance established in Mexico of 1.5 meters. It becomes an individual experience for those who stand inside the totem, but never lose their contact with the environment and the people around them.

Of the finalist projects, we agree that it is the one with the most technical viability for its realization.

Architecture design by Azócar Catrón and Josefina Tardones Ortíz

For the construction of the Meeting Column project, the winners and the Festival’s coordination together with the technical jury and the company responsible for the construction of the piece, must work together on the structural review in order to carry out the proposed proposal.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Design Contest information from Arquine magazine

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion Deadline

English text (scroll down for Spanish):

Arquine extends the deadline of your project for the Arquine Competition No. 23 Meeting Point. With the aim of offering those who are already registered, a longer period to work on the project and continue to reflect on how will be the space where we will meet again in 2021 to experience the public space.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion extended

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Dates

– January 25th Registration deadline.

– January 29th Deadline to send the proposals for this call.

– February 8 Jury’s verdict

– February 15th Announcement of the winners in La Hora Arquine program from 5:00 p.m. (Mexico City time).
Publication of the winning and finalist projects on

– February 22nd Interview with first place winners in La Hora Arquine

– March Activation of the first-place winning project *
The winning and selected projects will be published in Arquine magazine No.95 and those responsible for the winning proposal will be interviewed.

* Date subject to change according to the conditions due to the pandemic situation.

Spanish text:

Concurso Arquine No. 23 Meeting Point

Arquine extiende el plazo de entrega de tu proyecto para el Concurso Arquine No. 23 Meeting Point, con el ánimo ofrecer a quienes ya están inscritos un mayor plazo para trabajar en el proyecto y continuar con la reflexión sobre cómo será el espacio donde nos volveremos a encontrar en 2021 para vivir el espacio público de la ciudad.

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Mexico

– 25 de enero Finaliza plazo de inscripción.

– 29 de enero Fecha límite para enviar las propuestas de esta convocatoria.

– 8 de febrero Fallo del jurado.

– 15 de febrero Anuncio de los ganadores en el programa de La Hora Arquine a partir de las 17h (hora de la Ciudad de México).
Publicación de los proyectos ganadores y finalistas en

– 22 de febrero Entrevista a los ganadores del primer lugar en La Hora Arquine

– Marzo* Activación del proyecto ganador del primer lugar*
Los proyectos ganadores y finalistas se publicarán en la revista Arquine No.95 y se entrevistará a los responsables de la propuesta ganadora.
*Fecha sujeta a cambio según las condiciones por la pandemia

5 Nov 2020
Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion

1. Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion Introduction

Arquine summons to project the meeting point in the public space, where keeping a safe distance, we will meet.

In uncertain times, we ask ourselves what to do in the public space during MEXTRÓPOLI 2021. For the past five years, the Arquine Competition has called for the design and construction of a pavilion that, temporarily inserted in the city, would allow the interaction between architecture and the citizenship.

We know that the pandemic has changed and will continue to change how we live, but to what extent?

After twenty-two years summoning specific ideas and proposals, Arquine invites you to speculate on new ways of using the public space, focused on the design of a meeting point where proximity and encounter are the mail characteristics.

A device, a prototype, an installation or artifact must be proposed to encourage people to meet and build trust in celebrating the city in community. The proposal must be replicable, scalable, accessible, inclusive, with the possibility of adaptation to diverse context, low cost and fast execution. It can be a closed or roofed space, or you can also think about open, flexible or dispersed proposals.

We want to invite you to think about the possibility of humanizing our cities, of reinventing the use of the urban environment in a creative, versatile and economical way. A meeting point that, when built as part of MEXTRÓPOLI 2021, will allow us to meet again.

2. Legal regime of the contest

This contest with jury intervention is open and anonymous, in one phase and will follow the provisions of the administrative and technical rules. From the moment of registration, contestants agree to accept in its entirety and without appeal the regulations, techniques and procedures established in the administrative and the technical rules.

3. Design Contest organization

The Arquine Competition No.23, MEXTRÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion is organized by Arquine, who will be responsible for organizing the development of the contest, the administrative and technical information, give answer to the participants FAQs, keeping the minutes of the plenary meeting as well as all actions for the proper conduct of this contest.

All correspondence relating to this contest will be sent to the email address:

[email protected]

4. Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Objective

  • Design universal proposals for the reactivation and the use of public space in a temporary and collective way.

5. Contestants

The invitation is open to architects and architecture students all over the world. Teams, collective and individual participants are welcome. The groups may incorporate professionals or students from other disciplines. We recommend having an architect or architecture student in the team.

It is not necessary to have some record of the professional association of the country of origin to participate.

Each entrant or team may submit only one proposal.

In any case the team member may be part of another.

They may not participate:

  • Members of the Jury of this contest, or members of Arquine nor MEXTRÓPOLI.
  • People with ties of kinship with members of the Jury, spouses or persons associated with affective similar relationship of cohabitation or affinity, or those with stable professional relationships.

6. Information and consultation

Participants may send their questions to the address [email protected] with the same email used to confirm the registration. Complete answers and clarifications will be made through the contest website and all contestants will have access. The list of questions and answers, along with the complete rules will be provided to the jury. The list of questions will be published on the website of Arquine on the date indicated on the calendar.

6.1. Registration

To make your registration effective, you must provide a fee that will be given in two stages of registration:

  • First stage of registration

From August 17th to October 19th, 2020

$1,250 MXN Peso or $60 US Dollar (International registration)

  • Second stage of registration

From October 20th, 2020 to January 4th , 2021

$1,500 MXN Peso or $75 US Dollar (International registration)

Contestants will confirm their registration by the payment of the fee (only one payment). The amount depends on the stage of registration. There is no additional cost to the registration, since the entire process of participation and submission of proposals will be through the Internet.

7. Methods for the contribution

To formalize the registration to the competition is necessary to make the payment (one payment) by means of a credit or debit card, via Paypal, Mercado Pago or another online payment system:

Wire transfer:

Introducing the bank account information:


Bank: BBVA Bancomer

Clave: 012180 001443769433


Referenced deposit (only in Mexico):

Paying in any bank:


Bank: BBVA Bancomer

Account: 0144376943

Once the contribution is made, the contestant must write an email sending an image of the deposit receipt or bank transfer. Later, the contestant will receive the registration key with which can create a user and access the system. The cost of the fee is per team and not per participant.

8. Confirmation

Remember that you have to send the receipt to [email protected] so you can get the confirmation with the user name and password to access the system (within a maximum period of 72 hours).

When accessing the system, you must edit and complete the data of your team and download all the complementary information that is provided for the development of the proposal. The electronic mail with which the registration is made must be of the person that appears as representative; this will be the only interlocutor throughout the development of the contest.

9. Anonymity

The work will be presented under the code generated by the system in the registration process, this should be placed in the upper right box of the sheet and identify the file only with this code [ARQ-23C-XXXX]. All the proposals submitted after the deadline or those that violate the requirement of anonymity, will be automatically excluded.

10. Documentation needed

A digital image with the entirety of the project. The board must contain all the necessary information to explain and understand the proposal. It is essential that the submitted image contains, at least, the following:

  • Diagrams, views, sketches, renderings, or any other form of visual representation that will help explain the project. General plans and layouts of the project, including floor plans and sections, adequately scaled to ensure the comprehension of the plans.
  • If you design a physical proposal, constructive details that are considered essential to explain the project.
  • A 250 word-long (max) descriptive text. Any text or description can only be delivered in either Spanish or English.

The image or board must comply with the following format: rectangular in shape, 90cm long and 60cm high (horizontal display), 72 dpi, and only .JPG will be accepted. The file must be no larger than 5MB in order to facilitate uploads and downloads.

Remember that the file name must be the same as the user code you will be given upon registration [ARQ-23C-XXXX]. Other formats won’t be accepted, and only the projects uploaded on time will be on the contest.

11. Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Jury

The Jury members are the key to a good contest. Their experience and the method for evaluation are the best guarantee to ensure transparency. A record containing the reasoned opinion that substantiates the choice of the winning projects will be developed.

To this end, the jury will the reasons why they consider that the winning proposal is worthy of that rating and present a comparison with the proposals that occupy the 2nd and 3rd prize.

The jury may choose a winner that doesn’t follow the basis but has a solution that they consider superior.

Documents or comments generated at the plenary session of the jury will be published in the Arquine media.

12. Members of the jury

It will be announced on October 7th.

13. Jury functions

The jury will freely and autonomously select one proposal among all the projects delivered, which complies with the rules and guidelines established by these bases.

The jury may exclude the works for the following reasons:

  • Delivery outside or without complying with the provisions of the basis period.
  • Breach of anonymity, either because they revealed authorship by any means, either by presenting identification graphic elements of the identity of the author of the proposal.
  • Any attempt at communication or pressure the members of the jury, duly accredited.

14. Procedure for failure

The jury will meet in a plenary session to evaluate the proposals and discuss to issue the verdict.

Prior to any consideration, they will proceed to the approval of the admission or rejection of proposals. The jury agreed a selection procedure according to the quantity and quality of the proposals. In case of a tie, there will be a new discussion.

The competition results will be published on the website of Arquine the day indicated on the calendar of these bases.

All records and documents derived from the procedure for the decision are the property of Arquine. The jury is forced to choose a winner. Explanatory graphic documents of the prize-winning proposals, as well as the names of all contestants who have not requested anonymity will be disseminated through different Arquine media.

15. Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Prizes

a. First Place:

  • Construction of the winner proposal
  • $100,000.00 Mexican pesos.
  • MEXTROPASE VIP for the team members (2**) and pack of books from Arquine.

b. Second Place:

  • $50,000.00 Mexican pesos.
  • MEXTROPASE VIP for the team members (2**) and pack of books from Arquine.

c. Third Place:

  • $25,000.00 Mexican pesos.
  • MEXTROPASE VIP for the team members (2**) and pack of books from Arquine.

d. Mentions:
The Jury can choose as many Mention projects as they consider.

  • Pack of books from Arquine

*The winning team will have to follow the progress of the work, providing Arquine the plans of the executive project for the development of the winning proposal and following up on its construction, through the channels agreed with the team Arquine.

16. Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion Calendar

August 3rd 2020 Competition launch

August 17th 2020 Registration begins

October 7th 2020 Jury announcement

October 19th 2020 End of first registration stage

End of FAQ period

October 26th 2020 FAQ Publication

January 4th 2021 End of registration process

January 8th, 2021 Proposal upload deadline (till 23:59h Mexico City time)

January 11th 2021 Jury’s verdict

January 14th 2021 Results announcement (#ArquineJams)

January 18th 2021 Executive development of the proposal

February 8th 2021 Proposal construction/ development

March 8th 2021 If It’s a physical proposal, construction in site

March 12th 2021 Inauguration
17. Publication
It is expressly stated that the proposals may be reproduced for diffusion by the contest organizers for any other purpose than the promotion.

Contestants that choose not to authorize the exhibition of his proposals (if they are not on the winning list) must expressly indicate it.
18. Intellectual Property Rights
Contestants retain the intellectual property of the works presented, but will yield to the contest organizers exhibition rights, reproduction and publication and other corresponding to the object of the competition, who are obliged to spread the name of the author in each publication, exhibition or activity in which the proposal is incorporated. Also, the authors undertake to refer to the convener’s bodies of the contest in any subsequent publication in which your proposal appears.

The submitted proposals may not be used for the development of projects by architects, engineers or technicians to different respective authors. The papers presented can be developed only within the framework of MEXTRÓPOLI 2021. In any case, remain in anonymity those not winning contestants who had applied.

In case of publishing the built project, in other media, it should be mentioned that it arises from the Arquine No.23 Competition and carried out within the framework of MEXTRÓPOLI2021.

Arquine International Competition 2021 images / information from Arquine, 041120

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