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ORB Media Group Xi’an Exhibition

Chinese Architectural Project – design by Dr Margot Krasojevic Architect, London

26 Nov 2010

Xi’an Exhibition

Design: Margot Krasojevic

总体布局 ORB Media Group Xi’an Exhibition, China

The exhibition design, commissioned by ORB media group and China film house, exposes their strategies to lead and reflect a new “cultural evolution” of global entertainment.

ORB Media Group Xi’an Exhibition:
ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition

The creative properties in both Hollywood and China crossing multiple platforms from film special effects, technology and online games:

The exhibition intends to show 5 areas of the gaming and film industry as a cross cultural dialogue between China and The U.S. Mr. Chang Qiang a structural engineer specialising in digital fabrication from Tsinghua University advised on the 3d printing and laser cutting of the hyperbolic structure and the surface routing, printing facades and motion capture stages.

ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition, China

The LIVE ground area is a 3 dimensional patterning afforded by oblique laminate construction techniques and subtractive CNC milling process. The entire site is routed as an undulating landscape. The form will follow the NURBS geometry and be put together like a puzzle routed in 3d.

ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition

SEE – Entertainment Production Technology

DIMENSION尺寸100feet x 100feet x 20feet 长100英尺(约15米),宽100英尺(15<米),高20英尺(6米)
视觉馆 – 先进电影娱乐摄制技术


– A section for 3d movies to display, possibly on a large screen or multiple small screens (it may need to be a separated area dark enough for the 3d movies to be visible).
– A section for the history of 3d, where there are panels with art, cameras and video on display.
– Next is the motion capture stage, which needs to be a large open space fairly well lit.
Construction and Materials notes:
– Corian panels which can be laser cut to create screens
– Roof Slides out for 3d movies, enclosing the space
– Interior unfolds for services (technical equipment). Technical equipment unfolds from structural frame of wall.
– There are CNC fabricated screens. Should be made using CNC laser cutting machines.
– Fabricated screens slide.

FEEL – Experiential Experiences

感受馆 – 体验科技/ 演变型体验


– Area to show Haptic technologies (like the Nintendo Wii) and self development and educational games. Audience members can interact
– Machines analyzing brainwaves, heartmath, physical body. Response technologies.
– Areas for teachers
Construction and Materials notes:
  • Plastic vacuum formed sections or rubber clad hill roll in FEEL core

LIVE – Green

生活馆 – 绿色科技与生活方式

ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition

– What’s in it:
– A display of Orb’s Ancient Future village – Orb’s future xi’an production studio.
奥普的古典未来城展示 –未来的奥普西安制作中心
– Green city models/examples from leading architects and designers
– Resting area with tree and grass
– Areas highlighting green in water, air, transportation, materials
– Area highlighting the concepts, green designs and practices incorporated into our exhibit (are our materials all green and available in china? Not sure how feasible it is to do this. this is optional.)
Construction and Materials notes:
– Fibre optics in and around the tree and the floor (grass) in LIVE core. Carbon fibre LED tipped landscape or Astro Television Optic Fibre.
树身和树周围的地面(草)用光纤制作。 地面景观——草尖由碳素纤维LED或光纤制成 。
– Rubber Matts CNC milled and molded.
– Artificial landscape in LIVE core will be fabricated using a CNC mill from computer graphic so as to incorporate texture and artificial landscape within corian or a plaster based material. E in plan render
– Electrochromic glass panels or reinforced structural glass (acid etched with imagery or poems chosen if approved), now switched to LED’s on Plexiglass OR Hand routed Styrofoam sealed with ceramic fibre panels containing screens or glass. G in plan render. Diamond Sutra can be laser cut out of wood and backlit with Led’s.

Orb Entertainment Content

What’s in it
– Orb’s history, philosophy and content displayed through high definition displays, moving light displays, panels, concept art, etc.
– 高清显示屏上展示奥普的历史、哲学、内容。移动灯光表演,展板,概念艺术等。
Construction and Materials notes:
– 普通展板、显示屏、灯光等。无特殊要求。


超媒体中心 尺寸:长13米,宽6.5米。参见建筑尺寸图。
What’s in it:
– An interactive environment/machine/display that shows what transmedia is, what it can be, what it can do. To be decided…
Construction and Materials notes:
– Steel frame/scaffolding type frame underneath the entire scheme as the proposal. Has section changes for the raps lifting viewer into the transmedia area.
整个展区下用钢筋 / 脚手架的框架撑起,上升的走道将参观者带入高出地面的超媒体中心。
  • Steel or laminate wood frame of Transmedia pavilion outer frame C sanded and sprayed white or covered in toughened plasterboard if wood frame.
  • Gauze screens refer to optical networks used in inner transmedia pod for immersive environment. C
– Translucent screen gauze refer to Lucents optical networks. Projected onto.
– Inner immersive pod containing plasma screens embedded in structural steel inner frame.

Entrance, Exit, Walkways

Construction and Materials notes:
  • Back lit etched glass panels for introduction to ORB along G by the B3
– Plywood sheets above 19mm for the circulation and some of the wall spaces
循环走道B 与一些墙壁:由19毫米以上胶合板制成
– Poured rubber or vinyl tiles which will cover ramps B1,B2,B3 and B4 to prevent falls. Alternatively can be painted with anti slip paint red
  • Fibre glass tubing for floor lighting which spreads from tree originating from LIVE area.

ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition ORB Media Group Xi'an Exhibition

Xi’an Exhibition images / information from Dr Margot Krasojevic

Margot Krasojevic

Location: Xi’an, China

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