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Swimming Pool Architecture

Ephemeral Project design by Margot Krasojevic Architect

8 Sep 2009

Swimming Pool Design

Design: Margot Krasojevic, London

Swimming Pool Architecture

Altered States, subconscious realities and pathological space

Time is no longer a linear condition, instead we can postpone, edit and cut our immediate recognitions, creating buildings whose identities along with our observations are no longer definiteive, by replacing symbolic gestures with sequential design. Ephemeral space reflects evolution and ever-changing contexts.

Swimming Pool Architecture Design

The individual interacts with their environment in a perceptually bias manner, auto-ilot responses dictate this relationship, anaesthetising and replacing unprocessed reaction with predictability, regulating premeditated experiences in order to understand convention. Architecture still politely seduces the mainstream with pampered designs, technology on the other hand claims countercultures creating future visions.

Architects turn their backs on social change only to embrace a distant signature  trend, a false iconic realisation, whilst the public engage with rebelliousness towards acknowledgement.

Perception is influenced by chemical imbalances in the brain, environment, genetics and psychological characteristics. As with all real events and objects our basic perceptual processes are only aware of the entire image rather than the individual elements combined to produce that image, resulting in an anticipation of that understanding, a projected version of reality.

Swimming Pool design Swimming Pool project Swimming Pool

However, there is no longer one singular reality which we acknowledge, our understanding of what is authentic and relevant involves more than an adopted mantra passed down from one generation to the next, a virus enabling us to read space, instead we recognise choice, a broadening of our options persuading us to adapt, striving for new experience, ‘virgin territories’, the unfamiliar. Technology presents us with possibilities, which alter architecture’s identity.

The project, ‘altered States, subconscious realities and pathological space’, focuses on the changing characteristics of architecture and space along with the irrelevance of permanent typologies; animating shifting contextual conditions into which the architecture is designed, light interacting with building continues to animate the space in the process redefining the context and the evolution of architecture and its boundaries between the physical, virtual and projected space divorcing the individual from prescribed perceptive processes whilst focusing on fragments which make up the whole experience. The architecture itself becomes the event, tailoring the typology to the individual’s appropriation of that space.

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Methods involving simulations and animations to explore the mind setting it free from social conditioning, limitation, constraint, imprisonment and a submerging of the individual within mediocrity and dull repetition. Every time you look out the window, walk around your home, or down any street, your consciousness is cut by seemingly random words and images only for coherent messages to emerge.

We are responsible for assembling and decoding them unfortunately at times we rely on auto pilot gestures to decode their narratives. The digital age brings with it architectures fading intentions camouflaging them with the novelty of iconic design whilst embracing the software programmer as they evolve into virtual psychoanalysts.

This spewing stream of consciousness, attempts to free the individual from social and familial conditioning that control and ultimately drive us to rebellion, and a self-limiting, destructive reasoning.

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Location: London, UK

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