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Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina, China

Harbour Development in China: Architecture Project design by Scott Carver

1 May 2018

Yacht Club and Marina in Qingdao

Architects: Scott Carver

Location: Qingdao, China

Yacht Club and Marina

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

The world-class Qingdao Wanda Oriental Film Capital Yacht Harbour has been officially launched with a grand ceremony. This mega Marina and Yacht Club, designed by Scott Carver and Chinese partner Qingshang Waterfront Space Research Institute, is located on the southeast side of the Xingguang Island, Qingdao, China, and is the largest tourism infrastructure project of its kind.

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

“The project is a celebration of China’s emerging yachting and boating sector, delivered as part of Wanda Group’s new tourism and entertainment island,” said Scott Carver Director, Andrew Turnbull. This ambitious project was delivered in just 1,679 days, with an investment of tens of billions of yuan. “We are extremely proud to have been the lead international designer of the Marina and Yacht Club.”

Design language?
-The arc of the breakwater is like an embracing arm, which symbolises the open and inclusive element of the project
-The design language of circles and arcs strengthens the visual and human behavioral connection between land and water.

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

Water Gate entrance width: 60M (guaranteed at least 50M sailing width through the gate)
Sailing Channel within the harbour structure: 21-75M wide
Minor Sailing Channel: Boat Length *1.75
Swirling waters: Radius= Boat Length *1.75

The project has a total sea area of 20.91 hectares. It mainly constructs 230 yachts and sailing berths, 1 refueling berth, 1 sewage collection berth, 1,124m of breakwaters that can withstand typhoon once in 50 years, and a ramp access path for boat and navigation guiding facilities and more.

In recognition of the worldwide design standards for piers in Australia and the United Kingdom, the engineering design of the breakwaters meets the need for externally protecting against waves and internally absorbing radiating waves in the harbor. In the design process, the data model of the breakwater will be based on the layout of the general plan and instil theoretical support to ensure that the wave in the basin is stable within 300mm.

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

What were the key challenges?
The challenge was to fuse human, social, political aspirations, natural amenity and infrastructure elements to create a “place” that attracts people, generates wealth and defines the place in a global context – place capital.
Wild weather conditions were also a key challenge.

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

China’s emerging boating and cruising leisure market is set to redefine the global tourism maritime sector through its sheer demand and product innovation. The global reach of China through its expanding aviation industry, evolving boating industry and appetite for international property and tourist assets, is evidence of its presence and influence in a global context

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

Yacht Club and Marina, Qingdao – Building Information

Completion date: 2018
Project team: Scott Carver and Chinese partner Qingshang Waterfront Space Research Institute

Qingdao Yacht Club and Marina

Photography: Scott Carver

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Location: Qingdao, China

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