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Haidilao Restaurant in Shenzhen

14 July 2022

Architects: Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Location: Shenzhen, China

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen China

Photos: Vincent Wu

Haidilao Restaurant, China

As a famous Chinese hot pot brand, with its own legendary story, Haidilao has evolved with consumer demands of the times. In 2018, as a Chain restaurant brand upgrade, we started to break through the original hot pot dining space preferences of red and black with “natural”, “fresh”, and “healthy”. The fresh space vision conveys the brand’s concern for ingredients, and the bigger reform in space design is the understanding and consideration for operation and modular update.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen China

In the second phase of the upgrade, space props were optimized to improve service efficiency, and softer tones were given visually. The improvement of the intellectual restaurant was paired with the brand’s evolutionary technological assistance for food safety, highlighting the intention of the brand’s automated system and immersion in a different hot pot dining experience.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen

For the upgrade of the latest generation of “Haidilao”, we are thinking about whether we can give more thoughtfulness to the brand’s social feedback, and expand the brand’s consistent service spirit into more humanistic care, in addition to changes in the customer dining experience.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen

“Happy” – enhancing the comfort of dining to meet contemporary demands. Multi-person dining scenarios are not the only consideration anymore, and single-person eating hot pots can also be enjoyed with peace of mind and comfort. The module design of the booth can still be flexibly combined and adapted according to the different volume conditions of each store.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen China

“Deliver” positive energy – As the needs of mothers and babies have not yet expanded and been embraced by society, we hope to convey social responsibility through our brand. In addition to the original children’s playroom, we have created a thoughtful mother and baby room, open to all mothers with breastfeeding needs.

“Limitless” – If joy is the enhancement of comfort in the dining experience, no limits refers to our desire to create a more imaginative and exciting space connection. In the newly upgraded color palette, the gradient of blue and green tones imagines the future world.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen China

Running lights to create communication between customers and services could also be the medium to change the scene, so that “eating hot pot” is no longer the limitation of the established impression.

In line with the trend and needs of the times, we are creating not only a closed-loop dining experience in the space of iterative renewal of “Haidilao”, but also thinking about how to perfectly blend the brand, operation, service, and customer experience, and continue to heat up the emotions and memories between us with the culture of one pot.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen New Shenzhen interior by Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Haidilao Restaurant in Shenzhen, China – Building Information

Design: Vermilion Zhou Design Group – https://www.vermilionzhou.com/

Creative Directo: Kuang Ming(Ray) Chou
Concept Design: Ting Ho, Ming Shi
Interior Design: Garvin Hong, Xudong Wang, Yuqin Chou, Dandan Guo, Jing Wu, Zihao Yao, Yuxuan Li, Changsong Li
Lighting Design: Vera Chu, Chia Huang Liao
FF&E Design: Ping Xue, Ruiping He

Shenzhen interior design by Vermilion Zhou Design Group

About Vermilion Zhou Design Group
In 2002, Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded by Kuang Ming (Ray)Chou (Founder / Creative Director) and Vera Chu (Founder / Lighting Design Director) in Shanghai. Since 2009, with Garvin Hung(Interior Design Director) joining the team, Vermilion Zhou Design Group has completed more than 800 projects across countries in Asia-Pacific. The team has provided services to a variety of clients, from public and residential spaces, to commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, and restaurants.

Vermilion Zhou Design Group never stops breaking boundaries and embracing new possibilities. Most importantly, the aspiration for the oriental modern lifestyle is what their designs are built upon, which also forms Vermilion Zhou’s unique identity in the field. To achieve a delicate balance between functions and aesthetics in design, the team is made up of creative minds from architecture, interior, lighting, graphic, and product design backgrounds, providing different perspectives on each project. Their ultimate goal is to succeed in creating highly functional designs that take people on a joyful and exquisite journey.

Haidilao Restaurant Shenzhen

Photographer: Vincent Wu

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Location: Shenzhen, China, eastern Asia

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