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CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop in Suzhou

11 Aug 2022

Architects: OYTT Design

Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou

Photos © Lu Haha

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop, China

Cities with skyscrapers do not lack steel frames, cement, or horizontal and vertical grids. However, at the root of the matter, the instinct of our ancestors was to build nests to seek shelter from wind and rain. Therefore, natural purity can touch the people’s hearts more effectively than the refinement of artificial polishing.

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou

CoCo‘s new store is located on Suzhou Shiquan Street, a boulevard engraved with ancient history. It still retains its traditional geographical pattern, and its characteristics as a water town with extremely rich cultural deposits. In this project, the designer integrates the field form into the future living space both to reflect the historical ancient street, and to promote the symbiosis and co-prosperity of modern aesthetics and the overall order. Simultaneously, the design seeks to achieve resonance in the collision of the spiritual fields.

CoCo Suzhou China

As a whole, the return to original thinking while exploring future lifestyles allows the designer to seek and discover the origin of life, and to connect the top surface, elevation, and ground through a curved structure. The rendering of art continuously penetrates into the entire building, not only in the appearance of form, but also derived from detailed connotation. Building a healing and immersive experience, while analyzing the relationship between the environment and future architecture, also leads the brand in a creative and sustainable way.

CoCo Suzhou China

As a renovation project, the designer draws upon history as its soul, striving to maintain the details and charm of the original building wherever possible, and using modern art techniques to maintain, awaken, and revive the context, etiquette, and music inherited from the city’s history of more than one hundred years. This is not only an exploration of ancient civilization, but also prospects for future life.

The design of the space is a grand and beautiful narrative. Upon entering the space, the interior is divided by irregular blocks. Fluidity and sense of order of lines enriches the spatial hierarchy, providing a strong and beautiful visual rhythm.

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou China

The food court area and seating area echo each other. While maintaining a harmonious integration of the two functional areas, the choice and layout of materials, colors, and moving lines contribute clear and independent attributes to each.

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou China

The wall in the food court is simple and unadorned. The intervention of light and shadow breaks the monotonous tone. Under indirect light shading, the texture appears delicate and exquisite, with reflections of stainless steel that infuse visitors with a sense of rediscovering original simplicity.

CoCo Suzhou China

There are no high partitions in the seating area. The simple outline of the wavy wall body creates a relaxing atmosphere, with gentle winding curves providing customers with a chance to enjoy some quiet time. The matrix of the modeling lamps, based on cell particles, is distributed in orderly fashion on the wall, creating an very simple aesthetic between virtuality and reality. Warm orange lights, similar to the brand color, pave a warm and healing foundation to create a continuous and dynamic spatial experience for customers.

CoCo Suzhou China

Climbing the spiral staircase, the designer embraces nature in the form of irregular-shaped caves, connecting beams, and curved walls, forming a scene that changes with every step, while contributing metaphors of the future to the space. The embedded window is a prelude to the space. The mottled texture of the internal paint richly portrays the original beauty of the natural carving of a layer of space, constituting spatial tension for customers.

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou

Why do people feel lonely in their spiritual world? On one hand, advanced social products help people to both perceive the world quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, they can also pull people further apart. Based on a concept of returning to the origins of life, the designer builds a rhythmic and soft space with the images of cells and caves, creating a pathway for seeking inner freedom in the balance between ancient civilization and modern aesthetics. The secular definition of success doesn’t represent the criterion for everyone’s survival. Human beings should stay true to themselves, pursuing the real desires of their hearts, and not catering to or blindly following anything. That philosophy represents the initial intention of the design, and the confidence placed in the brand’s vigorous development.

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou China

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop on Shiquan Street, Suzhou, China – Building Information

Design Company: OYTT Design

Location: Suzhou, China

Chief Designer: Tiao Ouyang
Design Team: Yun Yao,Danfeng Zhou,Xiaobei Ma
Area:170 square meters
Start Time: January 2021
Completion Time: September 2021
Main Materials: art painting, custom brick, art pouring board, stainless steel, fireproof board
Manufacture: Shanghai Hooyi Displays&Fixtures Industries Co., Ltd
Light: Miwei Lighting
Material brand: MUY Ceramic

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou
About OYTT
Goodness is a dream in our hearts that will never grow old. What do we dream of? What have we dreamed of? When someone sets limits for you, you want to exceed them, don’t you?

We love design. It allows for the application of wild imagination. Good design is powerful.

And design exceeds “design” in its ability to solve demand and convey aesthetics.

CoCo Tea Coffee Juice Shop Suzhou China

Photographer: © Lu Haha

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Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

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