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Metropolis Tower in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

21 Aug 2020

Design: AEC

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

Metropolis Tower, Cambodia

The Metropolis Tower project is located within the district south area of Phnom Penh, moments from commercial, financial and cultural emerging urban districts. AEC’s team designed this mixed-use complex rises out of an urban garden of 55000 square meters to establish a community park, apartments, a hotel, entertainment venues, offices and retail spaces.

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

The architecture evokes regional landmarks and a sense of wonder, the site is east of the Bassac River, provided natural design inspiration. The orientation and organization of each space is based on using directional alignments to achieve harmony and the universal flow of energy.

The contemporary tower is designed as a finely detailed structure that blends sustainability with natural and cultural references. The building integrate glass, stone, screens and intricate metal detailing, to form contextual textures and patterns. Composed of a series of fins, the unitized curtain wall offers the building’s perimeter maximum daylight and will also incorporate cavities to facilitate natural ventilation and a smart management system that will monitor the building conditions. The design of the tower facades is divided into double-skin modules and fins elements that are angled away from direct solar exposure. The facades are enriched and shaded by a series of perforated aluminum and laminated glass fins. The frame views of the building create a patterns of color which reflect the brown, orange, blue, green and grey of the surrounding environments.

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

At street level, a community park embodies the fluidity of a river, connects the site and provide pedestrian access to the nearby residential and retail districts. The design invites the public into the heart of the building, at the base an atrium connecting the buildings features signature retail and entertainment attractions opening to the street. For the hotel and residential areas, a bank of elevators at the base of the tower transports visitors to sky lobbies where they can take another set of elevators to their destinations.

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

The tower is a solid geometric structure with randomizing facade system faces, and a vertical series of vertical fins, fuse to create a building that commands attention among the surrounding. Reflecting the complexity of local culture, the design balances contemporary and modern elements to embody elegance and innovation. The sleek architectural vision create a tower that integrates energy efficiency and sustainability. Metropolis tower and the park’s landscaping is a city within a city, sustain pedestrian activity and establish a sense of community. The development area is connected by a dynamic street-scale retails path that flows between the north-east main-road to the southwest commercial districts.

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

The building’s efficient middle core and rectangular post tension floor slabs provide a column-free interior environment with separate entrance and elevator bank that reflects its office, residential or hotel functions.

Combined with a triple high public atrium, interior space are carved out to provide green spaces on upper levels. The terraces are designed as a continuation of the surrounding park spaces located around the project site, and direct links to an underground parking network. The interior reinforce the architectural concept through use of similar materials and rhythms to create a harmonious environment.

The upper section of the tower features a fragmented pattern on the facade, providing a dramatic lantern effect at night. From other perspectives, the elegant tower appears to dissolve into the surrounding Cambodian sky.

Metropolis tower is placed to preserve sunlight in the park, maximize permeability, encourage connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists and maximize visual porosity. The design demonstrates the ambitious integration of private development and a publicly accessible active park oriented urban community for Phnom Penh.

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

Metropolis Tower in Cambodia – Building Information

Design & Project Architect: Architectural Engineering Consultants –

Project name: Metropolis tower
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
Firm location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Completion year: 2025
Site Area: 55000 sqm
Gross Built Area: 3150 sqm
Project location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Partner: Alessandro Mangano
Partner e-mail: [email protected]

Project leader: Alessandro Mangano
Design team: Fawaz Farook, Van Vanndeth, Stephen Heng
Renderings credits: AEC
Client: Private

Metropolis Tower Phnom Penh

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Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Southeast Asia

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