Brno Architecture by Eva Jiricna Architect, Photo, Czech Office Design Pictures

Brno Office Building : Architecture

Brno Bridge + Office Building, Czech Republic commercial property and crossing structure designed by EJAL

Date built: 1996

Brno building project – Road Bridge design by Eva Jiricna Architects including concept design for building on bridge:

Brno Bridge Office Building by Eva Jiricna Architects
scanned photo from 1996 © Adrian Welch, architect

Ed – this was my first project at EJAL, designed by Eva Jiricna with the brilliant engineer Matthew Wells, and drawn up by myself! Adrian Welch

Brno Offices Building Design

Photos of the bridge itself available upon request

Brno office building design : Eva Jiricna Architects

More Prague building

Tugendhat Villa Brno
One of the most famous Modern houses of the 20th century, this building expresses the same pure, bold aesthetic as the Barcelona Pavilion, but here the building is designed to be lived in.

Photography is prohibited inside hence the exterior photos above. An intriguing feature are the living space windows which electrically recess into the wall below – genius!

Location: Brno, Czech Republic, central eastern Europe

Architecture in Brno

Contemporary Architecture in Bno, Czech Republic

Brno Architecture Designs – chronological list

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Brno Architecture: Photos © Adrian Welch

Another Czech Bridge by EJAL:

Karolina Bridge, Ostrava
Date: 2008-
Karolina Bridge
picture from architects
Czech Bridge

Key Czech Building by EJAL (this London architecture practice no longer exists):

Zlin Congress Centre
Date built: 2008
Zlin Congress Centre
image from EJAL
Zlin Building

Brno Buildings

Czech Architect

Prague Architectural Designs

Contemporary Architecture in Prague – selection below:

Elementary School Amos, Pražská 1000, Dolní Jircany, 252 44 Psáry, Czech Republic
Architects: SOA architekti
Elementary School Amos Psary Dolni Jircany Prague
photos : Jakub Skokan and Martin Tuma
Elementary School Amos for Psáry & Dolní Jircany
This new Czech building freely complements the development on the outskirts of the suburban village and with its distinctive archetypal silhouette completes its visual identity.

Franz Kafka’s House
Interior designer: Denisa Strmiskova Studio
Franz Kafkas House Prague
photo : Josef Kubicek
Franz Kafka’s House in Prague
Franz Kafka’s House is located in a neighbourhood of Saint Nicholas church near Old Town Square in Prague. It is symbolically connected with an important 20th century literature author Franz Kafka.

Architects: petrjanda/brainwork
Náplavka Prah - Prague architecture news
image ©
Náplavka Praha
The first part of the long-awaited revitalization of the Prague riverfront area called Náplavka is coming to completion, making it one of the most attractive public embankments in Europe.

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