Zlin Congress Centre: Czech Library Building

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Zlin Congress Centre Building, Czech Republic

Cultural Center Building & Library design by Eva Jiricna Architects (EJAL), London, UK

post updated 12 May 2021 ; 19 Aug 2011

Zlin Congress Centre

Design: Eva Jiricna Architects

Zlin Cultural Complex – new photos, 19th August 2011

Overview of site & context:
Zlin Congress Centre Cultural Centre building by Eva Jiricna
photo © Richard Davies

Entrance Foyer & View of Bar:
Zlin Congress Centre Building Entrance Foyer and Bar
photograph © Richard Davies

Glazed Acoustic Facade at dusk:
Zlin Congress Centre Cultural Centre glass facade
image © Richard Davies

Glazed Acoustic Facade in daylight:
Zlin Congress Centre Cultural Centre
image © Richard Davies

Glazed Facade & Solar Shading:
Czechiz Cultural Center building by architect Eva Jiricna
image © Richard Davies

Illuminated Glazed Acoustic Façade:
Cultural Center building by Eva Jiricna architect
image © Richard Davies

Multipurpose Auditorium:
Czech Cultural Center building by Eva Jiricna Architects
image © Richard Davies

External View:
Zlin Congress Centre
photo : Filip Šlapal

Water Feature in Public Square:
Zlin Congress Centre
photo : Dušan Tománek

Congress Centre and Library Buildings, Zlin
Czech Republic

The new complex buildings are located in downtown Zlin and consist of a Congress Centre for the City and Library for the University of Tomas Bata.

Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Architecture
building images © Ivan Nemec

The setting of both buildings is a response to the surrounding urban axis and local massing of adjacent buildings. Each building is located on a very restrictive plot owned by various institutions. Their orientation and organic shapes allow the buildings to ‘peel’ away from each other, creating their own identity whilst being set in a unifying landscape.

Zlin Congress Centre

The oval Congress Centre consists of two levels of underground parking, a main auditorium seating 850 and a smaller one for 80 seats, three levels of associated facilities and restaurant for 150 diners.

Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Concert Hall
images from Eva Jiricna Architects

The external glazed façade is a response to the micro environment. With the North Western elevation facing a busy main road a secondary series of acoustic screens consisting of glass and concrete act as a baffle, whilst the remaining façade consists of external solar louvres. The roof has an exoskeleton containing the environmental plant, this being covered in a fine stressed stainless steel mesh that allows both venting and screening, as it can be observed from above.

Zlin Library Building

The University of Tomas Bata building is composed of two main volumes with a large communal atrium in between. One volume is the university library on five levels for approximately 440 students, the other for the University Administrative Centre accommodating approximately 60 employees. There are two underground levels containing technical services and parking.

Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre
images from Eva Jiricna Architects

Both of the buildings are connected by a common glass atrium which is used for horizontal circulation linked to glazed vertical cores at each end of the building. Both the internal and external facades are clad in glass, allowing the occupants to work and study in a fresh, light environment.

Environmentally the buildings use a passive system based on a concrete hollow core floor that absorbs the heat produced by IT systems and general usage. The external façade consists of modular glazing and horizontal solar shading.

Architect: Eva Jiricna Architects Ltd
Affiliated Architect: A.I.Design sro.

Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre Zlin Congress Centre
images from Eva Jiricna Architects

Congress Centre and Library Buildings Zlin images / information from Eva Jiricna Architects Jun 2007

Zlin Congress Centre architects : Eva Jiricna – EJAL, London, UK

Location: Zlin, Czech Republic, central Eastern Europe

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Zlin Congress Centre – Building information from Eva Jiricna Architects 25 Jun 2007

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