Mountain House Nova Lima Residence, Minas Gerais Property, Brazilian Home, Architecture

Mountain House Nova Lima

Residence in Minas Gerais, Brazil, South America – design by David Guerra, Architect

26 Apr 2016

Mountain House in Nova Lima

Design: David Guerra, Paola Campos

Mountain House, Nova Lima


Mountain House Nova Lima

The idea was to create a house linked to nature which works as a big deck of contemplation and sociability using natural material to make an atmosphere of snugness in a contemporary proposal. There was no intention to follow a fad by the choice of the furniture. Rather each article of furniture was selected carefully to reflect the personal history of the occupants with their multiplicity, their references and values.

The project was tought as a weekend refugee for a family, on a site located inside a valley with many mountains nearby, composing a beautiful natural space. To attend necessities, the entire project was distributed on the same level, making it perfect for appreciation of the many views surrounding the house.

Mountain House Nova Lima

For this residence, the architect found that the footprint created was a major issue that should be minimized. All itens on the program were tought to preserve the existing natural landscape and to provide astonishing views fo the occupants and visitors.

The project started in 2007 and finished in 2009 in Nova Lima, Brazil.

The materials were chosen with the aim to combine beauty, snugness and ease of maintenance and to create a contrast between natural and technological materials such as reclaimed wood, stones, earthenware, bamboo, tile, fiber, metal, stainless steel, double glazed and laminated glass, glass tile, anodized aluminum, wood venetian and tecnocimento.

Mountain House Nova Lima

The project’s area is 745 square meters, but the site is up to 5000. All structure is made of steel and wood. The use of wood on the floor, the walls and the ceiling as well as the massive wooden doors cause noise absorption which increases the acoustic comfort. The cantilever roofing of the verandas made of steel structure, bamboo and polycarbonate offer shading and create a village atmosphere

Mountain House Nova Lima

The main objective of research was to clarify the most harmonious solution to such variables desires the clients had, from contemporary farm to family shelter. For methodology, a very intimate approach was taken with the clients, who were in regular exchange with the architect. Casual talks, direct questions, honesty and wiliness to achieve a common ground were vital for project development. The result was a unique product, and we, me and the clients, couldn’t be more proud.

It was challenging to find a harmonious solution for the mixture of natural, rustic and contemporary elements and their materials which were necessary to satisfy the different tastes of the occupants (mother and two sons). Another challenge was the reconcilement of the steel structure which was used in the living room, the veranda and the bedrooms with its reclaimed wood coating and with the conventional structural system of the rest of the project.

Mountain House Nova Lima

Jomar Bragança

Paola Campos

A High Class Executive, with a very close and intimate family. Although being very influential, at the same time maintains a low profile on media exposure, avoiding bringing light to her achievements. With a strong personality, poses her opinion on a very peculiar way, therefore was essential for project development.
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Winner – Mountain House Residential by David Guerra is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015 – 2016.

Mountain House Nova Lima Residence – A’ Design Awards & Competition Winner

Nova Lima is a municipality of about 87,000 people located south-east of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the south-east Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Location:Nova Lim, Brazil

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