JQ House, Minas Gerais Residence, Brazilian Architecture

JQ House, Brazil

Residence in Brazil, South America – design by Aguirre Arquitetura

13 Jun 2014

Minas Gerais Residential Development

Design: Aguirre Arquitetura

Location: Uberlândia, Brazil

The word obvious is not a part of the aesthetic vocabulary of this project, where togetherness and comfort are closely linked. Due to maximum integration—both between users of the space and the architecture itself, the house can be enjoyed completely.

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The greatest challenge of the architect Alexander Aguirre, was dealing with the differences in baseline levels on the plot of land where the house was to be built, as it was not a flat area. The plot had levels ranging upwards of 6 meters between highest and lowest points. In addition, the interior of the house also had have one baseline, without using steps up or down that might accommodate the hilly plot of land outside. Due to this fact, many levels of the house have been designed to minimize the situation that was initially found on the area.

JQ House Brazil 3

The pool has been situated on the last baseline of the property, and it takes advantage of the gap between its baseline and the one adjacent and lower. The pool was designed along this edge to allow water overflow to move toward the side of the living room, giving a sense of movement and tranquility with the sound of falling water to refresh the environment.

JQ House Brazil 4

The idea is to integrate all the wide spaces. To accomplish this, the ceiling height of the rooms was raised to six meters. With this expanded height, you are able to see the hallway on the second floor that leads to the office and rooms. Essentially, the raised ceilings allow for a sense of connectivity of all spaces in the interior of the house. The architect also opted for a wooden lined ceiling that extends outward onto the chamfered eaves, establishing yet another connection between interior and exterior.

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Abundant natural lighting flows in through windows and glass panes, rendering the need for artificial lighting unnecessary during the day.

The home features straight lines and simple construction system lines, but its personality makes it stand out among the surrounding homes in the gated community in the city of Uberlândia, Brazil

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JQ House images / information from Aguirre Arquitetura

Location:Uberlândia, Brazil

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