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Fashioncenter Labels 2, Osthafen, Berlin

Architecture in Germany, Europe: Architecture design by HHF architects

Design: HHF architects

Location: by the River Spree

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Berlin Osthafen building

Photos by Iwan Baan, released Nov 2010

2 Nov 2010

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Berlin

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Fashioncenter Labels 2 Berlin Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Berlin

Program Description and Project Background

Apart from large trade fair exhibitions fashion firms take pride and pleasure in inviting their professional clients to small and personal presentations of the latest collection in so-called “showrooms”. Up to twelve times a year new creations are presented in such locations. The foundation for a truly prominent and exciting fashion headquarters on the Spree Riverfront was laid in 2006 by the establishment of Labels Berlin 1, accomplished through the renovation and reconstruction of a former warehouse.

Labels 2 Osthafen Labels 2 Berlin Labels 2 Labels 2 Osthafen Building

In response to the large demand of the fashion industry for showroom space, Labels Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG conducted an external expert evaluation with an international architectural competition in the spring of 2007 for a new building Labels Berlin 2. In September 2007 the expert commission awarded first prize to the design by HHF architects recommending the project for execution.

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Berlin Labels 2 Berlin Building Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Berlin Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Berlin

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen

Berlin, Germany

HHF architects

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Fashioncenter Labels 2 Berlin

Project: The fashion center LABELS 2 BERLIN is a concentration of showrooms and event halls of international fashion brands in one building, beautifully located on the river Spree in the Osthafen right next to MTV Europe and Universal Music. HHF architects won the international competiton in September 2007. The construction process starts immediately and the opening is already planned for early 2009.

The design of the fashion center “Labels 2” is based on the use of two different cut sine curves, for both the supporting structure as in a modified form with sine waves also for the design of the facade. With that the structure and rhythm is the formative motive for the perception of the whole building. The specific design creates distinctive spaces for the future tenants even if they cannot afford time and effort to do more interior design.

The strategy for the Fashioncenter Labels 2 design is based on the neighbouring historical warehouse. Also in this building the interior appearance is strongly characterized by the arched windows used in the facade.

Fashioncenter Labels 2 Osthafen Fashioncenter Labels 2 Building Fashioncenter Labels 2 Design

Besides the different showrooms there will be a big event hall for fashion shows, a Restaurant and Lounge on the roof. Whenever there’s another use than the typical showroom the structure reacts to the different needs and with that the expression locally changes. In the event hall a high, wide arche is spanning and the structure between the Restaurant and the River Spree get’s minimized. This gesture intensifies the relation between the interior and the exterior and opens up the hall to the public Promenade.

Fashioncenter Labels 2 images © HHF architects

Fashioncenter Labels 2 – Building Information

Architects: HHF architects
Client: LABELS Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG, Geisbergstrasse 39, 10777 Berlin, Germany
Team: HERLACH HARTMANN FROMMENWILER with Walter Gloor, Yujin Hirase, Tonja Kersting, Okhyun Kim

Location: Osthafen, Berlin / Germany
Function: Fashion Center
Area: 8000 m2
Materials: Concrete, colored concrete and glass
Cost: 20-25 Euro (estimated)
Construction: 2007-09

HHF architects

Location: River Spree, Berlin, Germany, western Europe

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