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Stone Company Zulte Belgium

Van den Weghe Display hall, Belgium design by BURO II Architects

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Display hall Van den Weghe natural stone company in Zulte

Date built: 2009

The authentic beauty of natural stone as a calling card

Design: BURO II

Stone Company Zulte, Belgium: Van den Weghe

28 May 2009

Zulte Building

The Stone Company, a natural stone company in Zulte, underwent a true metamorphosis. The renovated display hall cum meeting and office space was decorated austerely and elegantly with the natural stone product as a calling card used in all its facets.

Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Building Zulte Van den Weghe Display hall

Natural stone is the ideal natural material. Very few materials can equal the beauty of natural stone. The layered outlook is always totally different, formed over millennia. The craftsmanship of the company in combination with the creativity of interior architect Katty Ghekiere led to a result in which all of the possibilities of this leading, durable material can shine.

The entrance hall puts you in the right atmosphere immediately. In this area, the poetry of the marble served as the inspiration and light was put to use in an original way: a lampshade carved from solid Calcata marble, strips of wall lighting, a translucent tile floor, and an illuminated pillar in grey-green natural stone.
The light-lines that flow over the ceiling and the walls in the offices and meeting rooms form a common element that unites all of the spaces. They create a subtle play of light.

The entire floor was tiled with Basaltina, in large cut pieces in the reception areas and in lines in the landscape office. For the three meeting rooms, specific and unique solutions for the floors and walls were sought. The Nero Marquina tiles with milled drawings in gold leaf catch the eye immediately. By continuing that theme from the floor to the wall, the meeting room gets another spatial feeling. That gives the doors to the meeting rooms, a combination of black tinted glass and polished stainless steel, a brilliant appearance.

Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Zulte

The long counter in Bianco Statuario shows the beautiful results that custom work can lead to. The wall behind the reception counter boasts a very exclusive best-of-show creation in blue agate by Antonio Luigi. An eye-catcher….almost a work of art.

The open landscape office is partially hidden behind the reception counter and is hidden from view by a closed natural stone space containing a variety of practical functions, such as the sanitary facilities, kitchenette and storage space. The walls of this volume, executed in Bardiglio, were given a raw, Rigato finish, which lights up the natural stone.

A nice detail has been used in the sanitary facilities. The men’s toilet was finished in Smoky Black, while the ladies’ toilet was given a more feminine touch with white Lasa marble.

The new display hall has a spacious feeling, even though a relatively large amount of exclusive ceramic and natural stone materials are on display there. With the subtle presentation of the wide range of materials in the antique library cabinets, unity is created nevertheless. Clients can even take the different materials off the racks to try out different combinations.
On one side, the new display hall opens out onto a lovely display bathroom with walk-in shower; on the other side, it opens into the old showroom with different floor areas that continue to serve as presentation space.

Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Zulte Stone Company Zulte

The BURO Interior design united the classical elements in the new display hall with contemporary design for the meeting and office spaces. Here, natural stone serves as a timeless material, and one with a lot of character developed through its petrified evolution to create an unmatchable look of luxury. In this project, the authentic beauty of natural stone comes into its own in a striking way.

Buro II

Display hall Van den Weghe natural stone company Zulte images from BURO II Architects

Location: Zulte, Flemish Region, Belgium, northern Europe

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