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LUST House in Ghent, Belgium

5 Dec 2023

Design: ZOOM architecten

Location: Gent, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium

LUST House Ghent Belgium

Photos: Dieter Van Caneghem

LUST House, Belgium

Living in Heritage around Orchard
ZOOM architecten were looking for the right implantation on the plot and playing with the facade line. The existing 18th-century farmhouse is demolished in its entirety. The architects partially rebuild with a nod to authentic farmhouse elements.

LUST House Ghent Belgium

The LUST House consists of an elongated, brick volume with a gabled roof in red/brown tile. A brick fireplace element in the center of the volume completes the archetype of the dwelling.

LUST House Ghent Belgium

LUST House Ghent

Buckling the new house creates space in the upper right corner of the plot and avoids a direct relationship with the side and rear neighbors. We decide to plant one additional tree in the upper corner. The orchard from the front garden will be extended to the back of the plot. The new house stands “in the middle of the orchard.”

LUST House Ghent Belgium

Roof Overhang as an Umbrella
The roof plane of the house extends along all sides of the house over the exterior walls. On one facade very subtle, on the other up to 2m. This roof extension is not just an aesthetic intervention.

LUST House Belgium

LUST House Belgium

It also serves as a shelter over the glass area at the kitchen and living space, and as a covered outdoor space at the rear entrance.

LUST House Ghent

The structural detailing of wooden rafters is kept visible, further charging the building. On the inside, the space extends vertically to the ridge. Subtle views to the upper floor turn living into a game of watching.

LUST House Ghent

Light enters the house through large windows on both sides. Circulation occurs around the central core of the house. We strive for maximum contact with the orchard in the living areas.

LUST House Belgium

LUST House in Ghent, Belgium – Building Information

Architects: ZOOM architecten –
Project size: 112 sqm
Site size: 1300 sqm
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2

LUST House Belgium

Photography: Dieter Van Caneghem

LUST House, Ghent, Belgium images / information received 051223

University College Ghent

Campus Schoonmeersen
Design: SADAR + VUGA d.o.o. with LENS°ASS Architecten
University College Ghent Campus Schoonmeersen building Belgium
image © SADAR + VUGA
University College Ghent

Campus Schoonmeersen Ghent : further information

Location: Gent, Belgium, western Europe

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