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Noodle Diner Sanlitun SOHO in Beijing

Longxiaobao flagship restaurant Interior Development China design by Lukstudio Architects

25 Jul 2016

Noodle Diner Sanlitun SOHO

Design: Lukstudio, Architects

Location: Beijing, China

Noodle Diner Sanlitun SOHO

Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

Based on the original “noodle rack” concept, Lukstudio has created a layered experience at the Longxiaobao flagship restaurant in Beijing where dining areas are shaped by multiple steel frames and wires.

Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho design by Lukstudio Architects

Interior Development China design by Lukstudio Architects Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

The journey begins with a composed foyer where two windows frame the views into the kitchen on the left and the dining space beyond. Walking pass the main door finished with rusted steel and copper plate, one is presented with three volumes. Though a consistent palette of exposed cement wall, rusted-metal frame, wooden tables and display boxes has been applied; three different dining ambiences are created.

Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

The first rack has a canteen style with 3 rows of long tables and serves well the busy white collars. The second rack is equipped with banquette seating and tasteful china decorations; it entertains those who take time to savor their meal.

Longxiaobao flagship restaurant in Beijing Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

In the third rack that embodies the double-height stairwell, one special table gets to enjoy closely the visual anchor of the restaurant: the signature “noodle” pendant.

Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

Walking up the stairs within two frame layers in the atrium, one arrives on the private dining level. The area explores further the potential of steel wires. “Noodles” are hung in an overlapping manner to define a dining volume. These see-through screen dividers exude an ethereal beauty that is unique for the noodle shop.

Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

Noodle Diner Sanlitun SOHO – Building Information

Client: Longxiaobao Restaurant
Location: Shop 1-122, Sanlitun SOHO, Beijing
Net area: 200sqm
Design company: Lukstudio (
Design director: Christina Luk
Project team: Cai Jin Hong, Shanyun Huang, Leo Wang, Yiye Lim, Alba Beroiz Blazquez, Marcello Chiado Rana, Pao Yee Lim.
Scope: interior design, custom furniture & lighting design
Design: Dec 2015– Jan 2016
Construction: Jan– Mar 2016
General contractor: Shanghai MaiChang Construction Project Co., Ltd.

Noodle Diner Sanlitun Soho

Photography: Dirk Weiblen

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Location: Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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