Vacarisses Waste Treatment Facility, CTRV Building Catalonia Spain, Vallès Occidental Catalunya

Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses : CTRV

Catalan Waste Treatment Facility Development, Spain design by Batlle & Roig Architects

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CTRV Building

Design: Batlle & Roig Architects

Waste Treatment Facility From Vallès Occidental In Vacarisses (Barcelona)

Location: Vacarisses, Vallès Occidental, Catalonia, north east Spain – near the Coll Cardús massif

Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses: CTRV Spain

Photos by Francisco Urrutia – Fotografia de arquitectura

The Waste Treatment Facility (CTRV, in Spanish) is located on a hillside overlooking the Coll Cardús massif in the municipality of Vacarisses, in the district of the Vallès Occidental.

12 Jun 2012

Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses

This site is currently taken up by a controlled waste landfill site nearing its capacity limit. This fact has caused its managing body to consider regulating the closure of the facility and to study possible future uses for the area. The choice of the location of the CTRV has also taken into account different criteria of logistical and economic suitability, as well as the minimization of the environmental impact resulting from the installation and operation of waste management-related activities.

Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses: CTRV Spain

The activity of the landfill site has led to unfriendly topographical alterations and modifications in the natural environment. For this reason, we decided to establish the facilities in those areas where the activity of the landfill had already damaged the natural environment. Despite the size of the plant facilities, it is intended to achieve the highest landscape integration with the environment. In order to achieve this goal, we pursue a high topographical adaptation, where the impact from roofs and facades is minimized by the subsequent landscape restoration.

Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses: CTRV Spain

The project involves the construction of two large treatment areas under a large roof. These areas, separated by a driveway, are different in height and they sit at different levels. That is the reason why the roof changes its geometry according to the programs and dimensions of each precinct.

Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses: CTRV Spain

The roof will cover a variety of requirements: forced air vents, skylights, etc., and they will blend together by the use of a graphic structure that may be transformed into a landscape roof.

The different circles contain earth, gravel, and native groundcovers and shrubs. Over time, they will balance the impact of the facility without resorting to camouflage or mimicry.

Waste Treatment Facility Building Vacarisses CTRV Building Vacarisses CTRV Vallès Occidental

CTRV Vacarisses, Vallès Occidental, Catalonia – Building Information

Architect: Batlle & Roig Architects, Esplugues de LLobregat, Spain
Client / Developer: Consorci per a la Gestió dels Residus del Vallès Occidental, Spain
Environmental Engineer: IDEMA, Spain
Structural Engineer: IDEMA, Spain

Photographs: Francisco Urrutia – FOTOGRAFIA DE ARQUITECTURA

Waste Treatment Facility Building Vacarisses images / information from FDArmengol

Batlle i Roig arquitectes

Location: Vacarisses, Spain

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The Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses won the WAF Awards 2011 category ‘Production, energy and recycling’
WAF Awards Shortlist 2011

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