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1 Dec 2018
Pedestrian Path along the Gypsum Mines, Camí de les Guixeres, Igualada, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Landscape of the Year Winner
Pedestrian Path along the Gypsum Mines, Igualada, by Batlle i Roig, arquitectes
photograph : Jordi Surroca
Pedestrian Path along the Gypsum Mines in Igualada
The project is set within the broader scheme of the Igualada Green Ring, the aim of which is to generate a series of itineraries for pedestrians and bicycles in the form of a green belt around the city’s perimeter.

3 Jul 2018
New Headquarters of Stradivarius, Alba Park, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Stradivarius Headquarters Barcelona Building design by Batlle i Roig arquitectes
photograph : Antonio Navarro Wijkmark
Stradivarius Headquarters Barcelona Building by Batlle i Roig arquitectes
The new Headquarters of Stradivarius is located in the Alba Park of Cerdanyola del Vallès, one of the most important centers of economic activity in the metropolis of Barcelona.

12 Oct 2012
Salon Central, Sant Boi de Llobregat, south west Barcelona, Spain
Salon Central by Batlle i Roig arquitectes
photograph : Jordi Surroca
Barcelona building by Batlle i Roig arquitectes
The Saló Central area is located in the junction of two axis which have a significant importance in the city of Sant Boi de Llobregat: Santa Creu de Calafell road (C-245) and Josep Mariages avenue. These two axis have different characters.

4 Oct 2012
Escola Bressol Jardins Malaga – Barcelona Nursery Building, Catalonia, Spain
Design: Batlle i Roig, arquitectes
Escola Bressol Jardins Malaga Barcelona Nursery Barcelona by Batlle i Roig arquitectes
photo from architects
Escola Bressol Jardins Malaga
The redesign of the Malaga gardens, located in the block interior bounded by Nicaragua, Berlin, Numancia and Avenida Josep Tarradelas streets, in Barcelona, promoted the allocation of a small site for the construction of an education facility: a nursery.

Key Projects by Batlle i Roig arquitectes

Buildings by Batlle & Roig Architects, alphabetical:

4 Oct 2012
Can Bisa, Vilassar de Mar, Catalonia, Spain
Design: Batlle i Roig, arquitectes
Can Bisa Vilassar de Mar House Casa Vilassar de Mar by Batlle i Roig arquitectes
photograph : A. Flajszer
Catalan Housing
Can Bisa is a late-19th century mansion now owned by Vilassar de Mar Council. Situated on the Riera de Cabrils watercourse, it occupies part of a street block that used to include a factory, now demolished. Its historic and heritage value and the strategic position it occupies in the town as a whole led the Council to consider it the ideal venue for a cultural facility, completing the complex with a social housing block.

Hotel for Telefónica Company, La Roca del Vallès, near Sabadell, north of Barcelona, Catalonia, north east Spain
Architect: Batlle & Roig Architects, Esplugues de LLobregat, Spain
Hotel for Telefónica Company
image from Batlle & Roig architects
Hotel for Telefónica Company
Parc de Bell-lloc is a 122-hectare property situated on a hill, in the municipality of La Roca del Vallès, and is reached via the Granollers-Sant Celoni road. Most of the property is a rich mosaic of the oak and pine woods and farmland that is characteristic of the surroundings and of the Vallès county in general.

Waste Treatment Facility, Vacarisses, Catalonia, north east Spain
Batlle & Roig Architects
Vacarisses CTRV Building
photograph : Francisco Urrutia
Waste Treatment Facility Vacarisses
The Waste Treatment Facility (CTRV, in Spanish) is located on a hillside overlooking the Coll Cardús massif in the municipality of Vacarisses, in the district of the Vallès Occidental. This site is currently taken up by a controlled waste landfill site nearing its capacity limit. This fact has caused its managing body to consider regulating the closure of the facility and to study possible future uses for the area.

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Location: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, southwest Europe

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