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Rathaus Kufstein : Austrian Civic Building

City Hall Building design by Architekten Giner, Wucherer

12 Feb 2013

Design: Architekten Giner, Wucherer

Rathaus Kufstein Building

Location: Kufstein, Austria

Rathaus Kufstein: City Hall Building Austria
photo : Lukas Schaller

City Hall Kufstein

The city of Kufstein, situated next to the green river “Inn“ is characterized by its mighty round fortress which looks upon the city. The city centre with its towers, church-roofs, domes and pediments is in a dialogue with this fortress structure.

The old “Bildsteinhaus” – transformed into the new Kufstein city hall – joins this conversation in a very harmonic way. The now uncovered old city wall together with its newly added portal, that looks like always has been there, form the foundation. Upon the cornice a white crown combines the new with the old and gives the building a homogeneous appearance.

Rathaus Kufstein Building Austria City Hall Kufstein Building Austria
photos : Lukas Schaller

The winding organism of the original town hall, which had been relaying to the lower town square only, was shifted, provided with new openings to get light and connecting space into the building and was opened towards the upper town square. Thus a long missed public space was created.

The planning of the new town hall was a result of many different aspects. Beside of the rational reorganisation of the administration components and its spatial structure in order to be easily readable for the public, conservation was a central planning issue. In coordination with the Austrian Federal Monuments Office, old structures were mixed with contemporary components in order to get all the floors handicapped accessible and to fulfil escape and emergency requirements.

These visible interventions were completed with considerable invisible investigations of the building’s energy efficiency. Insulation measures, a connection to district heating, a daylight-dependent light control system and a highly sophisticated computer infrastructure system guarantee an entirely modern town hall, which corresponds to the complex structures of town halls of our cities that have been altered over centuries.

The site measures 770 m2 and the building provides a total of 2,200 m2 of floor space.

City Hall Kufstein Building Rathaus Kufstein Building Austria Austrian Civic Building
photos : Lukas Schaller

Rathaus Kufstein – Building Information

Office / Architect:
GINER+WUCHERER / Erich Wucherer, Thomas Giner
RAINER KÖBERL / Rainer Köberl

COLLABORATORS: Alfred Brunnsteiner, Manfred Draxl, Walter Hauser, Martin Juffinger, Julia Oberhofer, Robin Peer, Richard Weiskopf
Placement: NOMINEE

City Hall Kufstein images / information from Rainer Köberl

Addresse: Oberer Stadtplatz 17, 6330 Kufstein
Telefon: 05372-602-100
Fax: 05372-602-75
Zertifizierte E-Mail-Addresse: [email protected]

Location: Kufstein, Austria, central Europe

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Rathaus Kufstein Austria