Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto South Tyrol, Austrian Education Building by feld72, Photos, News

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto Building

New Austrian Education Architecture: Nursery School design by feld72 Architects

2 Dec 2016

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol Building

Valdaora di Sotto Kindergarten Building

Design: feld72, architects

A place for children and residents takes shape: the third kindergarten by feld72 was recently completed in Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol.

The children freshly moving into their new house found familiar and exceptional things. Subtly embedded in the village pattern, this new building involves typical local elements. In an area of boundaries and actual fences, the embracing unity of house and court forms a sense of security and ease. Discover a liaison of tradition and modernity. Natural and effort-less.

Photos: Hertha Hurnaus

An embracing gesture between tradition and modernity

Valdaora, Italy

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

The house for a kindergarten in Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol, illustrates the local mesh of tradition, contemporary life and nature within the slowly grown village structure. This third kindergarten designed by feld72 aligns itself to the setting, without being subordinate to it. Subtly placed, the structure responds to the predominant presence of the parish church with its cemetery chapel and the elementary school in the village centre. The timber building is surrounded by a solid wall, as if it were sitting in a case. Together they provide a hideaway.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

Boundaries and fences determine the village fabric. It is a settlement of clear-cut edges separating private and public space. The kindergarten as an architectural intervention plays with the boundaries’ diverse intensities by putting them into its enclosing multiform wall. That effects an exciting contextual merge with a prevailing element of the built environment. The surrounding wall creates distinct spatial edges within the village ensemble.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

The unity of house and court is embedded in the traditional context and grants the kindergarten the architectural conditions for nest security and freedom alike. Located on the northern boundary of the property, the compact house offers space for a sunny garden. Free space for the children is optically and functionally separated from the road by the ambient structure.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

The wall is of varied materiality and volume, since it changes from garden fence to boundary wall, an interpretation as much as an elaboration of the existing. Inside the courtyard it shows itself entirely in wood and in a friendly gesture embraces the garden. Roofed, weather-protected areas are set up in the passage to the building. The handling of the wall as an architectural element unfolds in a playful way, architecture and playground fuse. The traditional element of fencing-in a property gains in complexity and quality – it shelters, frames, invites to play and presents insights and outlooks. The building itself remains clear and yet manifold.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

Uniform materiality displays simplicity. Plastered brickwork and wood prevalent inside the kindergarten create identity and a sense of belonging. A warm and easy atmosphere is generated within the interiors thanks to the subtly complex use of local timber.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

For the children, the group rooms represent the starting point of their daily explorations. The rooms are designed to be unpretentious and calm, providing space for individual changes. Small areas for retreat are offered by the large window recess or the accessible partition furniture leading to the cloakroom. The assembly room and multi-function rooms can be used connected or individually. On both levels, the suggested spatial concept enables attractive variations in the educational approach.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto

Here, a place for children and the village community is the interface for tradition and modernity. The familiar and the exceptional together find a home in Valdaora di Sotto.

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto. Pictures: Hertha Hurnau

feld72 Architects ZT GmbH

Kindergarten Valdaora di Sotto, South Tyrol Building images / information from feld72

Location: Valdaora di Sotto, Austria, central Europe

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