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Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care Centre in Tübingen

9 July 2024

Design: Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner

Location: Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

Photos by Dietmar Strauss, Besigheim

Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care Centre, Germany

Designed by Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner for the city of Tübingen, the Sofie Haug opened on the city’s Rosenauer Weg in 2022.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen

With a walkout basement set into a slope, the two-storey hybrid-timber building forms an architectural focal point which pays almost perfect homage to the ambitiously modelled terrain, while ensuring the mature tree population is retained. The building’s rotation creates a forecourt as a transition area leading to the day-care centre’s protected grounds.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen Germany

The rear-ventilated façade of charred spruce, interacting with bright, glazed teal spruce to form a rhythmic pattern, achieves an enchantingly mystic effect, arousing curiosity not only in children. Elemental and earthbound in its consolidation of the special charms its surroundings offer, this woodland sanctum invites visitors to explore its mystery via the glazed main entrance. Set at an angle within the façade, it is framed by glazed spruce with a highly intense teal colour that evokes mountain and forest lakes.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

The southern garden side featuring the group rooms includes an access balcony structure, which contrasts with the predominantly enclosed north side. This creates a distinctive grid in front of the façade with floor-to-ceiling openings. Dark steel columns resemble a second skin, owing to their filigree grouping. The zone between the building and the outside world provides a space for both privacy and social interaction. When the sun shade is extended, two hot-dip galvanised steel staircases lead to the open air in the varied play and activity area in the garden.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

The interaction between traditional wood and cool steel produces a dynamism, rooted in the idea that the day-care centre is designed to be an inspiring workshop for children’s creativity.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen

The east side is charged with tension with its glazed walkout basement nestled in the hillside. The building rises above the slope, seemingly weightless. Reflections in the glass and the supporting structure, showing through like a stylised root system, allow architecture and nature to interconnect.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

The building’s spatial layout is well-defined and uncluttered, adapted to the children’s need for structure. A wide central corridor provides access on both the ground and upper floors. The north side houses the service rooms, as well as the staircase and exposed concrete lift shaft in the centre, while the recreation rooms are located to the south with direct access to the outside.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

The centre’s management office and the kitchen are positioned next to the multifunctional foyer. The crèche rooms are located in the building’s eastern section.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen

The forest and nature theme continues inside. The complex communication system between materials and colours resembles a bright forest clearing. Walls of light-coloured spruce seem to grow out of the dark-brown, structured, earthy rubber floor. The ceilings, covered with light blue wood wool panels, bring the sky into the building’s rooms. The radiant sulphur-yellow paint on the oak doors symbolizes the sun and wild forest flowers.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen

Interlacing of materials in the staircase, where the grey exposed concrete of the lift shaft meets light spruce wood and raw black steel, creates a composition full of tension. Complex colours, shapes, and structures encourage children’s enjoyment of visual and haptic perceptions. Large glazed surfaces and floor-to-ceiling windows with embedded seats bring nature into the rooms and invite children to linger.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

The interior and exterior seem to melt into one another in the walkout basement. The exposed concrete walls, implanted into the slope, enfold the movement space. This dialogue, and the polarity of materials, results in an atmospheric spatial experience. Modern aesthetic design language, combined with natural materials and dominant colour contrasts, creates an imaginative venue that fulfils children’s desire for narrative architecture.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Germany

Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care Centre in Tübingen, Germany – Building Information

Architects: Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner –

Specialist planners
Static: merz kley partner ZT GmbH, Dornbirn-A
Landscape Architecture: Dagmar Hedder, Tübingen

HVAC, Construction physics: Ebök, Planung und Entwicklung GmbH, Tübingen
Electric: IB Raible, Reutlingen
Survey: Ingenieurbüro Helle, Tübingen
Soil Surveyor: Berghof Analytik + Umweltengineering GmbH,Tübingen
Safety Coordinator: Ing. Büro für Baukoordination Angelika Baur, München

Executing companies
Shell construction: Gottlob Brodbeck GmbH & Co. KG, Metzingen
Drywall construction: Ullrich & Schön GmbH, Fellbach
Woodwork: TragWerk GmbH, Eutingen im Gäu
Roof Installation: H. Fritz GmbH, Sulz am Neckar
Locksmith: Georg Holder GmbH, Reutlingen
Paintwork: Malerwerkstätten Post GmbH, Tübingen
Flooring: Hagenlocher Raumausstattung GmbH , Magstadt
Screed Work: Estrich Benirschke e.K., Göppingen
Facade: Zimmerei Hämmerle, Tübingen
Electrical Work: Elektro Schmid GmbH, Tübingen
Scaffolding: Quadrex , Ammerbuch
HVAC: Ulrich Schmid Sanitär, Baiersbronn
Windows: Schreinerei Peter Knupfer, Dentingen
Doors: Schreinerei Klink , Tübingen
Cabinetmake: Bühler Einrichtungen, Ammerbuch
Kitchen planning: Geisel GmbH Großküchenplanung, Reutlingen
Solar protection: Hoefgen Sonnen- und Blendschutz, Steinenbronn
PV-System: Galicium Solar GmbH, Tübingen
Play equipment: Ziegler Spielgeräte von A bis Z, Zeitlitz
Lock System: Müller Sicherheitstechnik, Mössingen

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen Germany

Rubber: Artigo Kayar K102 dark brown; Fa. Objektflor
Acoustic ceiling: Heradesign fine, light blue NCS S 2010-B30G; Fa. Heradesign
Tile wall: Vitra white 5×5 and 20×20; Fa. Vitra (Kitchen)
Tile floor: Neutro Tortura 60×60, Fa. Matarazzi
Doors: Fa. Schörghuber
Door hinges: concealed, Fa. Tectus
Door handle: FSB 1268 bronze outside, stainless steel inside Fa. FSB
Integrated door closer: Dormakaba ITS 96
Elevator/lift: ISI 2040 – 630kg; Fa. Schmitt & Sohn
Window handles: FSB 1268 Steel rounded rosette, Fa. FSB
Curtain: Trevira CS Shade dense 503 hellgrau, Fa. Creation Baumann
Solar protection: Awning with easy-zip-Control Screen 3532 RAL 9004 schwarz; Fa. Warema
Toilet-partition wall: Kindergarten facility SVF30, Partition walls SVFG 40; Fa. Schäfer Trennwandsysteme
Toilet: Geberit Bambini, Fa. Geberi
Washbasin: Varicor Wash trough; Fa. Schüske
Flush toilet Robin Levien; Fa. Connect
Mixing tap WC: Talis M25; Fa. Grohe
Built-in furniture: Surfaces HPL V10410MP; Fa. Pfleiderer
Built-in sink: Solis 500 FF/A, Fa. Blanco
Lighting fixture: Catania 4050 (light channel); Fa. Barthelme
Wall lighting fixture: SKEO PURA 26; Fa. Trilux
Lighting fixture: LED CIRCLE Downlight; Fa. Dotlux
Brig 02 Anba
u downlight; Fa. Dotlux
Switch system: AS 500, Fa. Jung

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen Germany

About Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner
Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner is an architectural office with many years of continuity, operating in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg region, with the office based in Tübingen. The development and reworking of buildings for science, research, municipalities, industry, business, and social institutions, as well as new constructions, conversions, and monument conservation, are the firms main focus. They design and plan buildings, interiors, renovations, monuments, feasibility studies, target planning, urban development studies, and infrastructure measures. They also supervise construction sites during ongoing operations.

The Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner office is managed by Maren Dannien and Matthias Roller. Together with a highly qualified and motivated team, all challenges are solved creatively, innovatively, and efficiently. Specialist knowledge, experience, and regular training complement the firm’s innovative creativity and exceptional design quality.

Sofie Haug Childrens Day-Care Centre Tübingen Germany

Photography: Dietmar Strauss, Besigheim

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Location: Tübingen, Germany

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