Window treatment options for large windows

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Window Treatment Options for Large Windows Guide

1 Dec 2022

Window Treatment Options for Large Windows

Large windows are an important interior design element for your home, both in appearance and utility. They provide much aesthetic value and bring in large amounts of natural light to enhance your room’s overall look and feel.

Since large windows have such a massive presence in your room, picking the blinds or drapes that cover them is an important decision. Even when installing outdoor blinds Melbourne residents must be aware of how the window coverings affect the exterior of their homes.

For interior window coverings you would need to pick colour schemes and patterns that would uplift your room. And decorating and improving your interior is a lot like fashion – different colours and patterns create different feels. Here’s all you need to keep in mind when picking yours.

Light It Up

If you want your window coverings to beautify your room then allow the incoming light to do what it does best – light up the entire area. Then furnish and dress your room with lighter colours and decor. This will brighten the room and make a space seem more spacious, cleaner and modern. And of course it always helps when your design elements complement each other.

Conveniently, blinds and curtains give you the option of closing, so you can manage the amount of light in the room. This is valuable to manage the room’s interior throughout different seasons and for different purposes.

Combine and Play with Colour

Another thing you should consider is how you combine the colours of your drapes or blinds with other elements in your room. Your curtains can be a combination of more than one colour. Simply make sure your other furnishings will complement that palette or hues.

Let your curtains dictate the other colours in the room, such as picking a grey couch for curtains that are both grey and white. Alternatively, match a bright colour with a subtle curtain if you want a focal point in the room.

When big drapes close off large windows, they can affect your room’s overall style. They essentially act as an extra wall. It’s best to take their colour into account when choosing other décor, or something may look out of place and disjointed – see

Choose Designs that Mimic Outdoor Elements

To formulate a sense of unity throughout your property, consider installing drapes or blinds that echo your outdoor views. Especially with large windows that showcase the views outside, why not choose window decor and covers that align with that?

For example:

  • Choose floral curtains to mimic a beautiful garden outside your window.
  • Opt for light blue shades to echo a stunning view or a bright blue sky in sunny weather.
  • When you have a mountain view, put focus on that stunning feature by using greens or browns to create a natural feel inside the house

This tip even makes it easier to choose! Let your exterior surroundings dictate what to do with your windows.

Let Blinds and Curtains Work Together During Each Season

The best way to utilise blinds and curtains is to install them together on big windows. You could layer your blinds underneath your curtains to bring about greater effects, such as the coverings’ ability to retain heat.

Large windows are obviously capable of letting large amounts of heat escape. So, try to use blinds to prevent that. This is an environmentally friendly way of keeping your home warmer, all thanks to blinds and curtains adding an extra layer that will retain heat. And during summer, blocking out the sun’s rays with both these layers can assist in keeping the space cooler.

If you do want to benefit from a cool breeze, nothing stops you from opening both layers and your windows to let in fresh air. Additionally, you can choose to open your curtains and close your blinds, and vice versa. Pick the setting that helps you create the ideal interior atmosphere, and don’t let seasons get the better of you.

Opt for Fuller Drapes

Large windows are a good opportunity to add full curtains. And with your favourite fabric, patterns and colours you can make a style statement in the room.

By fuller, we simply mean curtains that are longer and which gently caress your floor. This can create a very feel-good atmosphere, as well as adding a bit of luxury. Also, seeing a lot of your favourite hues and fabrics can make a room seem more inviting. It’s about creating a space where you feel comfortable and happy at the end of the day.

5 Effective Window Treatment Options for Large Windows

The rules on window decor and treatment options are rather flexible. Along with outdoor blinds Sydney residents also use their interior window covers for aesthetic and practical solutions. Especially in countries like Australia where sunshine is bountiful, you need to carefully consider how you want to install your favourite window dressing options on large windows. Pick the right installation and you can achieve beauty and comfort in one go.

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