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Will a Vape Cart Stain Your Home’s Walls?

11 May 2024

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a bit of herbal refreshment from time to time, you’re well aware of the fact that smoking in your home will stain the walls and leave a powerful odor that’s incredibly difficult to remove. One solution is to smoke outside, of course, but that’s not always practical or even possible depending on where you live. With that in mind, you may have considered vaping as an alternative. All that you need is a 510-thread battery, and pre-filled vape cartridges are readily available online and in local shops.

You already know that vaping is much easier on your throat and lungs than smoking, but you’re here to learn about the effect that it can potentially have on your home. Will a vape cart stain your walls, and will it leave a lingering smell that might bother others or reduce your home’s value? In this article, we’ll explore the answers to those questions and explain what your options are.

Will a vape cart stain your home walls

Vape Carts Can Stain Your Walls – Here’s Why

To understand why vape carts can stain your walls, it’s helpful to understand what’s actually in a cartridge. It’s an extremely thick oil, and it’s usually not clear; vape oil generally has a color that ranges from golden to dark brown. When you exhale the vapor from your vape pen, it doesn’t just disappear. It has to condense somewhere, so it’s likely that some of the residue will ultimately collect on your walls. Like the original oil, the residue will probably be yellowish, and it’s likely to darken with time as the oil oxidizes.

Before you begin worrying about your home’s value, though, you should know that it’s much easier to remove the vape oil residue from your walls – and potentially prevent the stains from appearing at all – than it is to remediate your home after you’ve smoked in it. We’ll discuss some tips shortly. First, though, let’s talk about the smell of a vape cart.

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A Vape Cart May Have a Smell, but it Depends on What’s in It

Now that you understand what a vape cartridge can potentially do to your home’s walls, it’s time to answer the next question: What about the smell? As you may already know, the smell of everyone’s favorite herb is extremely potent. A person with a sensitive nose can detect the terpenes in cannabis in concentrations as low as 0.01 parts per million. Will a vape cartridge have the same effect? The answer here is “it depends on what’s in it.”

The oil in a vape cartridge generally falls into one of three different categories.

  • It can be a direct distillate of cannabis. In this case, the smell of the vapor will be essentially the same as that of the cannabis originally used to make the distillate.
  • It can be a pure cannabinoid such as Delta-8. Delta-8 is obtained by means of conversion from a pure extract of CBD, another cannabinoid. In this case, the vapor will have virtually no smell.
  • It can be a pure cannabinoid with terpenes added for flavor and aroma. In this case, the vapor may have a scent that’s somewhat similar to perfume and vaguely reminiscent of cannabis.

Even if you use a vape cart that’s made from a full-spectrum extract and smells exactly like cannabis, it’s important to remember that vaping never causes the same strong, lingering odor as smoking. As is the case with tobacco, cannabis generates tar when it’s smoked. The smell is carried by the smoke, and the tar causes it to stick to every surface. With vaping, on the other hand, the smell typically dissipates quickly. You can also take additional steps to minimize any lingering odor in your environment. We’ll cover that next.

How to Minimize Smells and Staining when Using Vape Carts in Your House

Now that you’ve read this article, you should have a much better understanding of what the potential concerns are when you use vape cartridges in your home. The short answer is that there’s typically little need to worry. Although a vape cart can have a mild scent and may potentially leave a light coating on your walls, the effects won’t be nearly as noticeable as it would be with smoking. In addition, there are three things that you can do to keep any staining or lingering odor to an absolute minimum.

  • Use a vape cartridge containing an isolated cannabinoid with no added flavors or aromas. Although the vape oil may still condense on your walls and could potentially cause stains, there should be no smell.
  • Vape in a large room. If you vape in a small room, the vapor will have a smaller area in which to condense. That’ll make staining more evident.
  • Vape with the windows open if possible. That’ll encourage the vapor to dissipate more quickly.

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How to Remove Vape Cart Stains from Your Walls

Suppose that you’ve already done a good amount of vaping in your home, and you think it’s possible that your walls are stained as a result. If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry because vape oil residue is very easy to remove. Getting rid of the stains will only require a few minutes of work.

How can you tell if your vape pen has stained your walls? Try examining the walls closely, perhaps with the aid of a magnifying glass. If vape oil residue is present, you’ll see lots of tiny yellow-to-brown droplets. You may even find that the wall’s surface feels slightly sticky.

If you need to remove vape residue from your walls, try wiping the walls with a soft cloth along with hot water and dish soap. Vape oil is soluble in soap, so you should find that the residue comes off easily. If the residue is extremely stubborn, you can try adding some rubbing alcohol to your cleaning solution. Be warned that alcohol can discolor some types of paint, though, so you should try the soap on its own first.

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