What was original purpose of headboards?

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What Was The Original Purpose Of Headboards?

24 May 2022

The origin of Headboards can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. They were carved in fancy materials like ebony, gold, and silver and were more for showcasing than any practical purpose. Following that, the ancient Greeks were also one of the earliest civilizations to use headboards.

What was original purpose of headboards

What Was The Original Purpose Of Headboards Guide

They used the headboards for more practical purposes than their Egyptian counterparts. The base was designed in such a way that it protected the user from cold drafts.

This allowed the Greeks to socialize and dine in the bedrooms. It acted like a practical piece of furniture where one could sit, drink and socialize. The canopy bed concept came into being with the advent of the Middle Ages. As today we have plenty of bed types, it’s important to choose your perfect type – click here to explore the options!

The headboard also became a decorative piece around the same time, and it was embellished with elaborate carvings, panelling, and elegant upholstery. Eventually, bedrooms became an intimate setting around the 19th century and became less ornate than in the past.

In Victorian England, the comfortable padded headboards were replaced with durable iron ones. However, the decorative element of the headboards remained.

Why Are They Used Now?

In this day and age, headboards exist mainly for interior design. Since the residences have become better heated and insulated, headboards primarily serve an aesthetic function and small practical functions.

They are used to keep the pillows in place and for storage purposes. Many people place their lamps, books, and décor items on their headboards. This style became famous with the advent of waterbeds in the early 1970s.

The headboards also protect the walls against abrasion. If any individual tends to lie with their head close to the wall, they are likely to smudge it. A headboard protects the wall from such smudging and leaves it neat and clean. People who have the habit of sitting up in bed reading or using their laptops can use a good headboard to provide them comfort. If you are looking for such items make sure you spend sufficient time researching suitable products.

Bedroom headboard bed style

A headboard can also be quite helpful if someone wants to enjoy having their breakfast in bed. Headboards these days come in an abundance of aesthetics and materials. Starting from the upholstered headboard to the wooden ones, one can easily find the perfect headboard and lend a personal touch to their bedroom. If you are looking for upholstered headboards, visit here.

It can significantly impact the bedroom’s look and easily freshen up the interior. The bed becomes an eye-catching piece of furniture in the bedroom and adds to the bedroom’s aesthetics. Cleaning the headboard is quite easy, too; weekly vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth works best to clean an upholstered headboard.

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