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What Makes a Beautifully Designed Online Casino

24 Sep 2019

There are certain key aspects that define a beautifully designed online casino. The main aspects include the theme, the quality of the multi-media, the layout, and the seamlessness of the game.

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Beautiful Online Casino Design

Irrespective, the goal of the site is to attract the right audience, to ensure that they remember the site, and come back to play more. It is therefore important that companies focus on the overall design of their online casinos. A useful resource is Newcasinosfinder.co.uk for additional details and a complete list of the latest new casino sites available.

The Importance of the Right Design

The design or theme of an online casino creates the first impression. However, it’s important to grasp that design is more than the mere use of graphics and colour. Design includes the layout of the site, such as having the key action buttons; the deposit, sign-in or -out buttons should be on other pages than only on the home page. Buttons should be visible.

Therefore, the site should be easy to navigate. In addition, the site should be mobile friendly. It should load quickly. There should be no technical errors. Overall, the site should be user-friendly and designed to the needs of the end-user, giving the player a fun gaming experience. A modern design and beneficial practical features do also help the design. Altogether, these factors lead the design to impress, lingering on in the memory of the viewer.

Besides the practical aspects of design, colour is important. Colour is used to lure players towards certain games. For instance, live slots, having higher risks, will have bright colours to attract the audience’s attention. A plain design may be used for a slot game that offers the biggest pay-out.

However, colour coding relies on colour psychology, and the audience’s psychological reaction to colour. For instance, the colour purple hints at wealth, the colour red excitement, and orange is said to enhance gusto. Colour is used to highlight buttons or games the developers want to drive the audience towards. In addition to colour, design, and layout, using high resolution imagery is also vital.

The Importance of Using High Resolution, Well-Designed Images or Videos

High-resolution, meaning high-quality media, such as videos and images, presents the site as professional, thus aiding in gaining the trust of the players. The reputation of the online casino can be augmented, thereby developing loyal customers.

In addition, high resolution, well-designed 3D animations and slide shows can be used as tools to inform players of specials, or to promote a page or game. Slide shows which display a winners’ list could arouse the players’ competitive spirit. Many players like motivation and having a sense of excitement.

User Experience

Key User Experience (UX) Points to Consider For Seamless Play

To ensure that the UX is positive, developers need to keep their designs simple, not adding design features that will simply slow down the site. Also, the design must not give information overload. Rather, the site should entertain, encouraging players to return.

One way of ensuring that a site is not overloaded is to allow white space to act as breathing spaces. More so, developers should add an internal site search, affording easier access to main games. Lastly, developers must consider using simple language free from jargon. They must focus on the type of words best to use. This makes the navigation easier and allows for an enjoyable experience.

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