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What Is Needed to Start DIY Renovations on Your Home

21 Sep 2021

What is needed to start DIY renovations on a home

Starting any project at home can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done one before. Renovating your house should be an exciting time, and if you’ve chosen to take on the task yourself, then get excited, not concerned. DIY renovations are one of the best ways to take control of your home and save a few dollars in the process. Before starting your DIY renovation project at home, consider this the starters guide to what you’ll need for a successful project.

The right look

Any DIY renovation project is going to have an element of demolition, construction or even painting. To get started you need to have the right look. For any DIY renovation project, hi-vis workwear is essential.

It may seem like something that only tradespeople need, but even at home, it’s important. Whether you have tradespeople helping you out, friends or even family, being safe is always important. Hi-vis workwear allows you to be visible at all times, and the materials help protect you while doing your work. Taking the time to start your DIY renovation right and make sure you look the part for any job site.

A plan

It may seem simple, but planning makes perfect and without a plan for your DIY renovation project it could go on forever. Sit down before you start work and plan out how the renovations will progress. Think closely about your building timeline, required materials, assistance from tradespeople and even the weather. The last thing any DIY renovation needs is the rain coming through the hole where the roof used to be. If you are dedicated even to your plan you could even use a simple software tool to help share and visualise your plan with others. It can even be beneficial to take your plans to a builder or architect for further input and feedback if you have time.

The right stuff

Tools, materials and equipment are crucial to the success of any DIY home renovations. Knowing what you need and making sure suppliers have what you need are two completely different things. Before you get started, ring around the different suppliers in your area and check if they have what you need. Once you are aware of the availability and timelines for delivery you can be more prepared to get started. Make sure you have the tools you need to execute the renovations. A makeshift screwdriver or wrench might work for tightening bolts on flat-pack furniture, but they won’t cut it for your home renovations.

Do an inventory of all your essential building tools and go purchase anything you are missing. There is nothing more annoying than having to stop working to go get a tool from the hardware store.

Quotes, quotes and more quotes

If part of your DIY home renovations will need to be completed by tradespeople or if the parts and materials you need are scarce, then get as many quotes as you can. You’ll need to work fast and hard to get all of the quotes you need as tradespeople book out and suppliers sell out. Not to mention quotes generally only last 30 days and sometimes even less.

Getting as many quotes as you can allows you to take a rigorous approach to select the best option for your budget and project. Taking the first quote you receive isn’t the worst idea, but it will blind you to potential cost or time savings with an alternate provider. It can be a time consuming and painstaking task, in the long run, your renovations will prosper for your effort now.

What is needed to start DIY renovations on a home Summary

DIY home renovations are an exciting project to tackle for any homeowner. Whether you’ve recently bought your first home or want to make changes to your forever home, then use these tips to learn what you’ll need to get started on your DIY home renovations.

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