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What is the difference between edging and trenching?

post updated 10 February 2024 ; 29 March 2022

Are you planning on purchasing an edger or trencher for your landscaping project? If so, you may want to see which one will work best for your needs. Let us learn the difference between edging and trenching so that you will know the tool or equipment you need.

What is difference between edging and trenching?

What is edging?

Edging is the process of making neat lines or boundaries on surfaces such as lawns, driveways, and streets. To do so, the individual will slice or dig on the soil to make a shallow trench. This method is often done with the help of a manual tool we call a “lawn edger.” Of course, to make the process more convenient, motorized lawn edgers are also available in the market.

When you need to create lines around your property, edging will be enough to do the job. Since lawn edging’s main purpose is creating visible lines, many people think that it is just purely for aesthetics. However, this is not always the case, as the boundaries it creates also allow people to see where their property starts and ends, which prevents them and other people from intruding in their personal and private space.

Benefits of edging

Aside from making clear boundaries between properties, edging can also be used to:

a)     Prevent grass growth

When you use an edging tool, it will be possible to stop turf grass from growing from the freshly cut surface. This will also keep your garden healthier as it discourages the growth of unwanted weeds.

b)     Make your backyard more appealing

Are you planning on making your lawn more attractive and boosting its appeal? Carefully edging borders on your property will do it, plus, you can also use your lawn edger to keep your soil or mulch in place.

c)     Create a clear definition for gardening projects

Do you want to separate your flowers from your herbs or vegetables? If you are serious with your garden, using an edger to cut lines on your soil allows you to separate plant categories from another.

What is trenching?

Trenching is the process of making a deeper hole to create a border on surfaces such as a lawn. If we compare it to edging, the main difference is that trenching creates a deeper hole while edging only excavates a shallow surface. Because of this, most trenching projects require motorized equipment, although manual tools are also available.

When you need to do trench edging for your landscape, there are a lot of tools you can choose from. In fact, there are even 2-in-1 tools that combine trenching and edging equipment on one tool, which may be enough for residential projects.

Benefits of trenching

In its essence, a trencher also does the same things that an edger does, but in a more advanced manner. For example, most higher capacity edgers can only dig so much soil in a couple of minutes that a small capacity trencher can do in just seconds. Aside from this, trenching can also be used to:

a)     Make much neater lines

Because it creates much deeper lines, creating boundaries using a trenching tool is much more cohesive and neater.

b)     Help with laying down utility lines

When it comes to installing electricity and other utility lines that need to be buried underground, digging a trench will be necessary to complete the task.

c)     Help with installing drainage systems

Installing drainage pipes may require you to dig a trench for it to work. Compared to using an edger, using a trenching tool will be more convenient and safer.

Can you use an edger to trench?

Yes, in minor projects where you have no choice but to use your already existing tool, you can try using your edger to trench. However, when it comes to using a lawn edger, the most important thing you have to consider is its capacity limit. Since there is a clear restriction to the depth that an edging tool can make, it will still be apparent that a trenching tool will be more powerful and much more convenient to use.

Of course, the strength of your lawn edger will still be the deciding point for the success of your landscaping task. If you really need to trench while using an edger, you may have to take more time to get the job done.

Do you need help with your landscaping project?

When you are starting your own landscaping project, chances are you do not have the necessary equipment for it. In this case, looking for excavation companies in Colorado Springs with the right experience will certainly take the weight off your shoulders.

You deserve the best team to help you when it comes to your property. Make sure to get qualified contractors for your edging or trenching needs.

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