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What is a Wax Liquidizer?

26 Oct 2020

What is Wax Vaporizer exactly made from? Wax Vaporizer is a unique blend of ingredients such as Pharmaceutical Grade propylene glycol, Lye, or a combination of both. It is composed of either pharmaceutical grade or laboratory-grade ingredients. It is used to produce concentrated, potent, and high-quality waxes and extracts.

What is Wax Liquidizer Vaporizer?

So, what is the difference between Wax Vaporizer and a vaporizer? It is not the vaporizer that makes the difference; it is the mixture used in producing the final product. There are no chemical ingredients that vaporize the substance. The only thing that vaporizes the substance is the Lye solution, which is contained in a tank. The mixture used in making a vaporizer does not consist of Lye or other volatile chemical elements that vaporize.

The main difference is the process in which the finished products are created. A vaporizer takes the substance being vaporized and converts it into a mist like foam by introducing an electrical current to the mister. In the same way, a wax vaporizer does the same with the wax. After the mister has been introduced, a temperature is set for heating up the solution which then melts and creates the wax.

Some of the ingredients used in a vaporizer are VG, Lye, or both. When the solution is heated and cooled at the same time, the result is the same -VG. This is the main ingredient in the composition of this type of vaporizer. However, it can be combined with a Lye or a glycerine solution to create glycerine vaporizer. There are some types of these vaporizers that combine both of these solutions.

Common ingredients

The most common ingredients that are used in a vaporizer are Lye and glycerine. Lye is a very strong acid that is used to dissolve the wax in the mixture. Glycerine is a milder acid that is used in order to preserve the consistency and viscosity of the solution. It is also used in creating the foam created by the Lye acid. This mixture is then released into a small reservoir and is allowed to cool down. This process continues until the solution is no longer warm.

Another major difference between a vaporizer and a wax terpenes liquidizer is the fact that one is used for producing waxes and the other for producing extracts. {or oils. In a vaporizer, the liquid produced is not a liquid at all but is instead a mist which can easily disperse itself. A solvent extractor on the other hand is capable of generating a thin layer of a solidified wax on a substrate. It is composed of a porous structure that is made from an absorbent material.

As a matter of fact, when you use Lye or glycerine, there are no solidified particles because they are not solidified. The only thing left behind is a layer of wax. You have to use another method of producing waxes. Most of the time, wax vaporizers are used on certain applications and are used in conjunction with other chemical products to produce the desired waxes.

There are two basic types of waxes that are used in different applications. These are: Paraffin and Beeswax and Liquid paraffin. It should be noted that Paraffin being a petroleum derivative, is only suitable for use in cooking. While beeswax, being a vegetable oil, is suitable for cooking and baking.

Paraffin and beeswax are not interchangeable because both of them have different melting points. Beeswax will burn at low temperatures while paraffin will burn at high temperatures. When making candles, it is recommended to use beeswax because it does not tend to evaporate as fast as paraffin. The same goes when you use Lye vaporizer for soap making.

When making soap, you can use both paraffin and liquid paraffin at the same time as long as you use a little amount of both at a time. But in order to get a better effect, you should make several batches.

However, when making soap, you do not want to use more than a little amount of either paraffin or liquid paraffin as both of them contain Lye that can ignite. Soap that contains either one of the two substances will cause an explosion. Soap that has this kind of a mixture can cause serious burns and even cause fires.

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